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Conference of Asian University Presidents (CAPs)

Conference of Asian University Presidents (CAPs) was inaugurated by Kyushu University in 2000. Through the Conference of Asian University Presidents, the presidents of each of the universities have developed relationships of mutual trust and contributed to the smooth implementation of individual collaborative projects and interaction amongst students, resulting in the following exchange projects being brought to realization.

8th CAPs

The 8th Conference of Asian University Presidents was hosted by Universitas Indonesia from September 15 to 17, 2011.

7th CAPs

The 7th Conference of Asian University Presidents was held from November 13 to 14, 2008, hosted by National Taiwan University. Sessions, speakers and presentations are published on the NTU website.



Young Researcher Award

The CAPs Young Researcher Award (YRA) was established in Feburary 2008. The first YRA award ceremony was held on the last day of the 7th CAPs. The award recipients for 2008 are Professor Bingcai Pan from Nanjing University for the Natural Sciecne YRA, and Assistant Professor Tamara Silvia Wagner from Nanyang Technological University for the Social Science and Humanities YRA. Assistant Professor Wagner was awarded a prize from NTU President Si-Chen Lee and made a presentation on her research.

Unfortunately Professor Bingcai Pan was not be able to attend the ceremony, and Professor Yajun Zou, Director of the Nanjing University Office for International cooperation and Exchange, reiceived the prize from Kyushu University Preisident Setsuo Arikawa on his behalf.

Please click here for the YRA recipients' presentation materials.

Please click here for the news release by Nanyang Technological University.

Assis.Prof. Wagner and President Si-Chen Lee
Prof. Zou and
President Setsuo Arikawa