Name TANIMURA Teiichi
Year of birth 1951

Current appointment

(position and institution)

Associate Professor, Department of Biology, Faculty of Sciences, Kyushu University
Address Ropponmatsu 4-2-1, Chuoh-ku, Fukuoka, 810-8560 Japan
Phone +81-(0)92-726-4759
Fax +81-(0)92-726-4625
Fields of general research Biology
Fields of specialization Neurobiology, Genetics

Subject of research work
titles of lecture and

Molecular neurobiology of taste in Drosophila
Genetic and molecular studies on circadian rhythms in Drosophila.
Behavior genetics, Electrophysiology, Genetics, Molecular and cellular biology

Research reports (papers
reviews) within recent
5 years

- Ueda, H.R., Matsumoto, A., Kawamura, M., Iino, M., Tanimura, T. & Hashimoto, S. Genome-wide transcriptional orchestration of circadian rhythms in Drosophila. J. Biol. Chem. 277, 14048-14052 (2002)

- Hiroi, M., Marion-Poll, F. & Tanimura, T. Differentiated nerve response to sugars among labellar chemosensilla in Drosophila. Zool. Sci. 19, 1009-1018 (2002)

- Hayashi, S., Ito, K., Sado, S., Taniguchi, M., Takeuchi, H., Aigaki, T., Matsuzaki, F., Nakagoshi, H., Tanimura, T., Ueda, R., Uemura, T., Yoshihara, M. & Goto, S. GETDB, a database compiling expression patterns and molecular locations of a collection of Gal4 enhancer traps. Genesis 34, 58-61 (2002)

- Miyatake, T., Matsumoto, A., Matsuyama, T., Ueda, H., Toyosato, T. & Tanimura, T. The period gene and allochronic reproductive isolation in Bactrocera cucurbitae. Proc. R. Soc. Lond. B 269, 2467-2472 (2002)

- Ishimoto, H., Matsumoto, A. & Tanimura, T. Molecular identification of a taste receptor gene for trehalose in Drosophila. Science 289, 116-119 (2000)

- Miyazu, M., Tanimura, T., & Sokabe, M. Cloning and characterization of a novel form of a cyclic nucleotide-gated channel from Drosophila melanogaster. Insect Mol. Biol. 9, 283-292 (2000)

- Ishikawa, T., Matsumoto, A., Kato , T. Jr., Togashi, S., Ryo, H., Ikenaga, M., Todo, T., Ueda, R. & Tanimura, T. DCRY is a Drosophila photoreceptor protein implicated in light entrainment of circadian rhythm. Genes to Cells 4, 57-66 (1999)

- Matsumoto, A., Tomioka, K., Chiba, Y. & Tanimura, T. timrit engthens circadian period in a temperature dependent manner through suppression of PERIOD protein cycling and nuclear localization. Mol. Cell. Biol. 19, 4343-4354 (1999)

Research theme of doctor
students in your

Molecular identification of taste receptors for sugars in Drosophila.
Neurophysiological studies on the taste recetpor mechanism in Drosophila.
Neural mechanism of taste reception in Drosophila.

French researchers you

collaborate with

Frédéric Marion-Poll
INRA Station de Phytopharmacie et Médiateurs Chimiques
route de Saint Cyr, 78026 Versailles Cedex