Japanese e-Learning for IUPE Students

Hiragana Worksheet(PDF:1.7MB)

This worksheet is for beginner students. Please learn the Hiragana characters by yourself before the course starts.

TUFS Language Modules

This site provides the sound and the stroke order animation for each Hiragana/Katakana character.
Choose a character from the left-side chart to see its stroke order to the right-side.

ALC NetAcademy2 (for IUPE students)

This e-learning material provides practice in listening, reading, vocabulary, and character-writing. The JLPT Mini-Test is also offered.
Please enter your SSO-KID and password to login. After logging in, select a language option (English, Chinese, or Japanese) available from the top right pull-down menu.

Basic Kanji Book(PowerPoint)

This site offers Kanji reading exercises as downloadable PowerPoint slide shows. The materials are based on the "Basic Kanji Book."


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