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Student Life

Student Life


Kyushu University offers a range of academic support designed to assist students in refining and strengthening the academic skills necessary for success. For instance ...

Academic Support

For undergraduate students, coordinators of the Faculty of Agriculture and the Faculty of Engineering will help you with every aspect of your school life.  For Master's and Doctoral students, teachers at the graduate school and research institute you belong to will guide you as supervisors in your study and research.

Japanese Language Classes

Although you won't need to use Japanese when you take classes in international programs, there is no doubt that life in Japan is much more enjoyable if you can speak a little of the language. At each campus of Kyushu University, Japanese teachers at the International Student Center give Japanese lessons to those who wish to learn. JLCs are four-term per year courses, each of which focuses either on general grammar or on a specific language skill (viz. Chinese characters, conversation, reading, or composition) and is organized according to proficiency levels.

For detail, visit the website for Japanese Language Courses for International Students (JLCs)

E-resources for learning Japanese are also available for participants in the International Undergraduate Program. Some of these resources are open to anyone interested. Go check out: http://www.isc.kyushu-u.ac.jp/center/e-learning.iupe.html

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