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Undergraduate Programs

Bioresource and Bioenvironment Bioresource and Bioenvironment



This program provides an education targeted at the acquisition of extensive knowledge related to bio-production, bio-functions and bio-environmental sciences. Students also acquire expertise and skills that can be applied internationally, and will graduate as professionals with a widely balanced approach to creating solutions. The agricultural research and education field includes basic and applied sciences, extensively covering both natural sciences and social sciences.

Four Year Timeline (Leading up to B.S. in Agriculture)

Four Year Timeline

The Undergraduate Program in Bioresource and Bioenvironment covers extensive research areas: from molecule to biosphere, from sea to highlands, and from microbes to higher plants and animals. It is for this reason that we have set in place a learning system which requires all program participants to take classes in various liberal arts and basic natural sciences as well as agriculture fundamentals for the very first year and a half. Having been thus equipped with necessary knowledge to decide which research area they would like to concentrate on, students will be required by the first semester of their junior year to select their special research area under the guidance of the Academic Coordinator, and devote their time and energy into completing their bachelor's thesis for the remainder of their study.

(1) Liberal Arts Subjects and Basic Science (1.5 years)

This segment of the program is common to all undergraduate programs in English. Click HERE for further detail.

(2) Specialized Research (2.5 years)

Category A: Agricultural Resources, Engineering and Economics 1. Agronomy
2. Environment Engineering
3. Bioproduction System Engineering
4. Agricultural Economics

Category B: Applied Biosciences 5. Agricultural Chemistry
6. Food Science and Technology

Category C: Forestry and Forest Products 7. Forest Environmental and Management Sciences
8. Forest Bioscience
9. Biomaterial Science

Category D: Animal Resources 10. Fisheries Science
11. Animal Science

Career Options

Government Officials (Research Institutes/ Ministries); Educational Institutions; Food Companies; Agricultural Chemicals Companies; Construction Companies; Weather Consultants; Materials Companies; Bank; Trading Companies; Beverage Manufacturers; Chemicals Companies; Pharmaceutical Companies; Paper-manufacturing Companies; Printing Companies etc.

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