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Undergraduate Programs

Degree Programs in English

Undergraduate Programs

School of Engineering -Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences
-Applied Chemistry
-Civil Engineering
-Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering



The International School of Engineering seeks to ensure that students acquire basic engineering knowledge and develop the ability to understand and explain a broad range of issues, based on the principles and laws of basic sciences including physics and chemistry. In accordance with their individual aptitudes and needs, students each select from the following programs, viz., Applied Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering when submitting applications for admission.

(1) Liberal Arts Subjects and Basic Science (1 years)

This segment of the program is common to all undergraduate programs in English. Click HERE for further detail.

(2) Specialized Classes (3 years)

Program A: Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences
Program B: Applied Chemistry
Program C: Civil Engineering
Program D: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Student Websitehttp://qubes.kyushu-u.ac.jp/ 

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