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National Health Insurance

National Health Insurance

All international students (those whose status of residence is "college student") are required to join the National Health Insurance Plan. With the payment of monthly premium, the insured can receive benefits for medical charges:

  ·70% of the total charge is borne by the city.
  ·If the amount of the charge to be paid for one hospital in one month (30% of the total medical
   charge) exceeds the certain amount, the exceeded is borne by the city.

Although you need to pay monthly premium, this plan is beneficial for you especially in case of serious illness or hospitalization.

Affiliation for the National Health Insurance Plan is to be carried out at the municipal office of the city or ward after the completion of Alien Registration. Consult with them about your monthly premiums as those are differing to the earnings in the last year. Payment of the premium can be made at a bank, post office or by bank account transfer. Automatical payment by bank or post office account is convenient. For details, Please ask at the municipal office of the city or ward.

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