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The classess that the exchange students are permitted to attend in Academic Year 2012 are listed below.

Letters English V
Enlish Composition I
English Liguistics Seminar II
American Literature Seminar VII
English Linguistics Seminar XII
English Conversation I
American Literature Seminar VIII
Study of English and American Culture
American Literature Seminar X
English VI
English Conversation II
English Composition II
English Linguistics Seminar III
Economics Reading Economic Literature in English
Sciences English Introduction to Earth and Planetary Science
Mathematical Science Special Lecture
(Advanced Topics in Cryptography)
Mathematical Science Special Lecture
(Number Theory and Cryptography)
Marine Field Course II
Marine Biology
Health Sciences Medical English Conversation
Medical English
Engineering 1) AdvancedEngineering III
2) AdvancedEngineering A
High Energy Nuclear Reactions
General Introduction to Practical Law

Humanities English Linguistics Special Seminar I
American Culture Seminar I
English Linguistics Special Seminar II
American Culture Seminar II
Japanese Linguistics Ⅴ
Japanese Culture Ⅵ
Japanese History Ⅴ
Japanese Linguistics Ⅳ
Japanese Culture Ⅳ
Japanese Linguistics Ⅳ
Japanese Culture Ⅱ
Japanese History Ⅱ
Japanese Urban Geography
Japanese Culture Ⅴ
Japanese Culture Ⅶ
Japanese Linguistics Ⅱ
Master Thesis Tutorial
Japanese Linguistics Ⅰ
Japanese Culture Ⅰ
Readings in Japanese History Ⅰ
Japanese Linguistics Ⅲ
Japanese Sentence Processing
Japanese:Language and Gender
Japanese History Ⅰ
The History of the Japanese Language
Japanese History Ⅳ
History of Islamic Civilization
Economics Econometrics II
Mathematical Methods for Economic Analysis II
Information System
Industrial Organization
Research Workshop
Topics in Economics
(Issues in Corporate Finance and Governance )
Macroeconomic Theory II
Asian Multinational Corporation
Frontier Study in International MonetaryEconomics Ⅰ
Advanced Study in Management
Advanced Study in Industrial Analysis
Microeconomic Theory II
Topics in Economics (Political Economy of Economic Development and Industrial Organization)
Advanced Econometrics
Econometrics I
Environmental Economics
Advanced Study in International MonetaryEconomics
Microeconomic Theory I
Microeconomic Theory Ⅱ
Advanced Study of Economic Investigation of Asia Ⅰ
Advanced Study of Economic Investigation of Asia Ⅱ
Macroeconomic Theory I
Public Economics
Frontier Study in Business Policy Ⅱ
Financial Economics
Topics in Economic Systems
(Frontier Study inIndustrial Policy Ⅱ)
Economic Development and Growth
Sciences Quantum Field Theory
Heliospace Electromagnetism and Upper Atmosphere Physics
Molecular evolutionary genetics
Conservation genetics and theuse of English inscience
Math Mathematical Science Special Lecture
(Advanced Topics in Cryptography)
Mathematical Science Special Lecture
(NumberTheory andCryptography)
Health Sciences Health Science Research
International presentation
Global society and co-operative medical service
Quantum Radiation Therapy
Anatomical Basis of Molecular & Functional Imaging Technology
Image Analysis for Microscopic Examination
Molecular & Functional Imaging Technology
Fundamental Quantum Mechanics
Medical Image and Information Sciences
Information Theory for Medical Physics
Fundamentals of electro-magnetic wave
Molecular and Clinical Biology
Laboratory Medicine for Immunology
Engineering Nuclear Energy Systems and Safety
Microscopic Aspects of Energy Science and Engineering (CL5)
Practical Environmental Engineering (CL3)
Advanced System LSI Architecture Design
Information CommunicationTechnology for the Masses
Ions in Solution
Advanced Surface Chemistry
CL(4); Earth and Environmental System Engineering
CL(2); Energy problems - Present and Future with particular reference to coal
Design English Presentation
Negotiating in English
Physio-anthropological Adaptation
Human Sensibility and Emotion
Physiological Information Analysis
Advanced Ergonomics for All Ages and Abilities
Psychophysiology and Anthropology of Stress
Visual Perception
Auditory Perception
Time Perception
Advanced Computer Aided Design
Computational Intelligence
Mathematical Modeling in Biology
Statistical Data Analysis
Physiological Anthropology
Human Perception
Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
Advanced Scientific English
Engineering Sciences International Lecture on Molecular and Material Sciences II
Thermal Energy Utilization Systems
Thermal-Relating Engine Technology
Bioresource and Bioenvironmental Sciences Fundamentals of Agricultural Sciences
Biological Resource : utilization and conservation
Soil and Water Environment
International Rural Development
Advanced Technology in Agriculture
Food Science and Food System
Automotive Science Automotive Catalyst

International Student Center
JTW (Japan in Today’s World)
ATW (Asia in Today’s World)


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