International Residence, International House

- The International House was established at Kashiihama in 1993 in order to provide residential space for international students as well as researchers who work on their studies at our university, and also for conducting projects to promote international exchanges. In the center, the accommodation facility for international researchers is called the International Residence. -

Address:  (Office) 4-5-5 Kashiihama, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka 813-0016   
Number of Suites: Family Suites 2 / Couple Suites 7 / Bachelor Suites 18
(You may view the details of each type of suite by clicking.)
Eligibility: - International researchers who are working on academic research at our university (including our guest international faculties and international fellowships).
- International researchers who are working on academic research at other national academic research establishments.
Available Duration: Minimum stay one month and maximum stay one year
You may stay for less than one month if there is availability.
(Note) You cannot move in/out on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays.
Reservation: Reservations can be made from a year before you plan to move in.
If you plan to stay for less than one month, your reservation can only be made from two months before moving in.
1. Check availability.
2. Book by filling out the application form on the “New Reservation” screen.
    You can also be put on a waiting list if necessary.
3. When your booking is accepted, fill out the information form by one month before moving in.