▼College Life

●Courses in English

The classess that the exchange students are permitted to attend in Academic Year 2013 are listed below.

Economics Reading Economic Literature in English
Sciences Mathematical Science SpecialLecture (AdvancedTopics in Cryptography)
Population Genetics
Selected Topicsin Plant Conservationand Evolution / Use of English inScience
General Studies Law
Technology MarketingⅡ
Intensive Courseon Parliamentary Debate in English
Intensive Courseon Policy Debate in English
Humanities Japanese History I
Japanese History III
Japanese Linguistics I
Japanese Linguistics II
Japanese Linguistics III
Japanese Linguistics IV
Japanese Linguistics V
Japanese Culture I
Japanese Culture II
Japanese Culture III
Japanese Culture IV
Japanese Culture V
Japanese Culture VI
Readings in Japanese History I
Readings in Japanese History II
The History of the Japanese Language
Japanese: Language and Gender
Japanese Culture VII
Japanese Culture VIII
Economics Econometrics Ⅱ
Mathematical Methods for Economic Analysis Ⅱ
Macroeconomic Theory Ⅱ
Industrial Organization
Research Workshop
Topics in Economics (MacroeconometricsⅠ)
International Economics
Asian Multinational Corporation
Frontier Study in International Monetary Economics Ⅰ
Frontier Study in International Accounting I
Topics in Economics (Issues in Industrial Organization and Development)
Topics in Economic Systems (Frontier Study inIndustrial Policy I )
Topics in Economics (Mathematical ProgrammingⅠ)
Topics in Economics (Corporate Finance)
Topics in Economics (Economic PolicyⅠ)
Mathematical Methods for Economic AnalysisⅠ
Macroeconomic TheoryⅠ
Environmental Economics
Public Economics
Topics in Economics (Advanced CorporateFinance)
Microeconomic TheoryⅠ
Research Workshop
Advanced Study in International Accounting
Topics in Economics (Macroeconometrics Ⅱ)
Microeconomic Theory Ⅱ
Economic Development and Growth
Topics in Economics (Mathematical ProgrammingⅡ)
Topics in Economic Systems (Frontier Study inIndustrial Policy Ⅱ)
Topics in Economics(Advanced EnvironmentalEconomics)
Frontier Study in International Monetary Economics Ⅱ
Topics in Economics (Economic Policy Ⅱ)
Engineering Advanced Energy Engineering Ⅱ
Plastic Deformation Theory
Materials Chemistry of Supramolecular Hybrids
Advanced Organic Chemistry
High Energy Nuclear Reactions
Microscopic Aspects of Energy Science and Engineering (CL5)
Practical Environmental Engineering (CL3)
Design English Presentation
Negotiating in English
Physio-anthropological Adaptation
Human Sensibility and Emotion
Physiological Information Analysis
Advanced Ergonomics for All Ages and Abilities
Psychophysiology and Anthropology of Stress
Visual Perception
Auditory Perception
Time Perception
Advanced Computer Aided Design
Computational Intelligence
Mathematical Modeling in Biology
Statistical Data Analysis
Physiological Anthropology
Human Perception
Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
Advanced Scientific English
Bioresource and Bioenvironmental Sciences Fundamentals of Agricultural Sciences
Biological Resource: utilizationand conservation
Soil and Water Environment
International Rural Development
Advanced Technology in Agriculture
Food Science and Food System
Law Energy and Environmental Policyin Contemporary World Ⅱ
Political Science Literacy
International Relations in East Asia
Political and Diplomatic History in Modern Japan
Governance of the EU
Medical Sciences Health Science Research
Global societyand co-operative medical service
Social Support in Health Siecnce
Molecular & Functional Imaging Technology
Quantum Radiation Therapy
Fundamentals of electro-magnetic wave
Fundamental Quantum Mechanics
Medical Image and Information Sciences
Information Theory for Medical Physics
Laboratory Medicine for Immunology
Advenced Laboratory Hematology
Information Science and Electrical Engineering Advanced System LSI Architecture Design
Information Communication Technology for the Masses
Integrated Frontier Sciences Automotive Science and Engineering
Automotive Advanced Science
ISC JTW (Japan in Today’s World)
ATW (Asia in Today’s World)