▼Coal Field

  Coal Science and Technology Group Training Course
Implementation period 1986 – 2000 (for about three months each year)
Number of Trainees About 5 people
Purpose of implementation There is still a large amount of undeveloped coal deposits in the earth, coal is a stable source of energy for the future, and more reasonable development and meaningful utilization are expected throughout the world. For the matters above, scientists and engineers with deep knowledge and advanced research capability in the science and technology field related to coal resources are needed; however, the cultivation of human resources is an urgent issue in developing countries, in particular where high energy demand is expected in the near future. In order to comply with this request, the Japanese Government set out to have them acquire Japan’s advanced knowledge and experience regarding the highly-developed coal chemistry and technical field of development and utilization of coal.
Implementation method Lectures, study tours, and field trips, etc., to explore, develop and utilize coal and acquire environmental technology, etc.

Implemented by the Faculty of Engineering