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▼Training Course in Dental Education

Implementation period

1988 – present (the contents were partially changed with the name change in 2003)

Number of trainees

About 10

Purpose of implementation

In developing countries, oral diseases normally proliferate rapidly due to social and economical development, and at the same time there is usually a shortage of human resources to meet the needs of dental treatment and no sufficient response. Japan has also experienced this type of increase in oral diseases and lack of human resources due to economical development but has made improvements regarding these issues and been brought to international attention. Under these circumstances, it is the duty of Japan to respond to the urgent and basic demands made by developing countries because Japan has accumulated a wealth of knowledge of dental treatment, maintained a high technical level, and assumed a highly significant role in terms of international contributions.

(Dental training)

Based on this aforementioned background, the dentistry training course was implemented at an early stage with the purpose of enriching the knowledge based on the Japan’s advanced dental technology and dental treatment was established in accordance with the social and economical conditions of the countries of the trainees in order to foster human resources for dental treatment.

(Dentistry education and training)

However, the course was revised in 2003 to support the developing countries in becoming self-reliant, and a training course focusing on cultivation of dental educators was established. With this course, cultivation of human resources to establish dental treatment corresponding to the society and economy of each country as much as possible has been worked on, in addition to satisfying the knowledge based on Japan’s advanced dental technology.

Implementation method

Making tentative plans regarding the dental system in accordance with the situation of each country by acquiring basic knowledge, learning basic techniques, and using the latest dental technology in dental clinics through lectures, practical training, and study tours, etc.

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Implemented by the Faculty of Dental Science