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▼Geothermal Field

Course Geothermal Group Training Course
Implementation period 1970 – 2001 (for about four months each year)
Number of Trainees About 10 people
Purpose of implementation As environmental problems such as global warming, etc. become serious, the importance of geothermal energy as a clean energy source is increasing more and more. Furthermore, because it has the most stable supply, the need to develop it as a source of energy is increasing.
Under these circumstances, this training course purposes to acquire the latest development technology for geothermal heat while minimizing the burden on the environment caused by the development, targeting technical experts of geothermal development in developing countries.
Implementation method Lectures, practical training, and study tours in all fields including; geology, geophysics, geochemistry, geothermal engineering, mechanical engineering, excavation engineering, etc. For further activities, discussion of issues regarding geothermal development in the countries of the trainees and research for solving problems.

Implemented by the Faculty of Engineering