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▼Survey/Assistance for “Development of Faculty of Medicine and
Health Science Project Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University”, Indonesia


1. Inequities in access to educational opportunities and health services are significant between urban and rural areas in Indonesia. Opportunities for higher education are particularly limited in the rural area and the poor. In addition, many rural areas remain under served with the lack of doctors.

Uneven distribution in education and health has been tackled in line with the national strategy (PROPENAS 2000-2004). Health workforce production has been one of the major agenda under the current health policy(Healthy Indonesia 2010).

However, compulsory service in the rural area for the graduate students has not been very successful, and disparities of health workforce allocation are anticipated to become worse. Deployment of doctors to underserved areas is a current challenge. Quality of health workforce and quality of education for that has been stressed.
2. Under such circumstances, JBIC has provided a loan for Development of Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University to provide better opportunities for higher medical education for students from regional and rural areas and from poor backgrounds, and doctors and nurses for regional and rural areas, thus contributing to poverty reduction by filling the need for medical personnel in Indonesia and providing basic health and medical services to regional and rural areas.

3. In line with this Project, JBIC plans to conduct a Study contracted with Kyushu University under the following Terms of Reference (TOR).

TOR 1: Support for curriculum development in conformity with project objective.

1) To identify the effective target segment in terms of the targeted regions or size of areas, types of medical institutions, etc., to which medical experts produced in this project should be dispatched. The analysis should be based on the current situation of community medicine and need for improving accessibility to medical services into account.

2) To develop curriculum with supplemental characteristic programs to foster human resources for community medicine, based on the 1) above as well as the past experience in other countries such as Japan. (If necessary, list of equipment & facilities as well as other type of support should be proposed in order to enhance the effectiveness of the curriculum.)

TOR 2: Support for development of Fellowship Program (including short-term training course)

1) To fix study fields for fellowship program based on TOR 1 and research fields which UIN lays stress on.

2) To develop fellowship program with suggestion on the appropriate Japanese universities for each study field.

TOR 3: Support for establishment of the system for UIN graduates to deal with community medicine in the regions (Community Medicine Promotion Program (CMPP))

1) To scrutinize Indonesia’s current efforts on correcting the disparity in accessibility to medical services. (i.e. the existing or planned government policy as well as the UIN’s own plan to produce and distribute community medicine specialists in the regions under this project.)

2) To propose the concrete CMPP for UIN and this project, based on (1) above, in order for the UIN graduates to actively engage in the community medicine. (The proposal is expected to include the monitoring and tracing system of the graduates in order to confirm the effectiveness of the program.)

3) To hold a workshop to share the awareness about the current situation and problems in community medicine and promote the establishment of CMPP

●Composition of the Study Team

MUTA, Koichiro
Lecturer, Kyushu University Hospital
YOSHIDA, Motofumi Professor, Kyushu University Faculty of Medical Sciences
OGAWA, Takeo Professor, Kyushu University Faculty of Human-Environment Studies
YOKOI, Mutsumi Chief Consultant, Mitsubishi UFJ Research & Consulting CO., Ltd.

●Study Period

November 2005 – February 2006 (Contract day: November15, 2005)