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▼Carlos Ghosn


French Republic, Federative Republic of Brazil

●Key Role Position

President and CEO, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

●Reasons for Conferment

  1. Citing the remarkable effects of the revitalization of Nissan Motor, which has strong links to Kyushu, such administrative capabilities and achievements are giving strong impetus educationally to those with relationships to universities, including this school.
  2. Through the pivotal Renault Foundation, the very presence of Carlos Ghosn gives the utmost international scholastic support to Kyushu University students who aspire to the cultivation of international personnel and research of global business.
  3. He approved of actively speaking to students of this university about his own management achievements and experience, greatly contributing to the improved motivation of researchers and students.
  4. Through the smooth progress of Nissan Motor’s revitalization plan, he reached out to offer a place of dynamic activity to persons related to this school, including graduates.

●Reason for Coming to School

Lecture to Students (Aug. 1, 2003)