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▼Frédéric Joüon des Longrais



●Key Role Position

Professor Emeritus, School of Archives, University of Paris

●Field of Specialty

History of Legislation

●Reasons for Conferment

  1. He came to the university in response to an invitation from Kyushu University through the bidding plan of the School of Letters, and engaged in international cultural exchange activities.
  2. He contributed to an exchange with respect to French law and French legal history at the School of Law, and made other contributions to exchanges with the School of Letters and others.
  3. He took charge of the direction of research by Kyushu University instructors in Paris.
  4. There was an academic exchange of Longrais’ fields of research—legislative history, French law, organizational law, etc.—and fields of research in the School of Law, as well as topics in common with the School of Letters in regard to History.

●Position While at School

Invited Scholar

●Period at School

April 1959 to July 1959 (2.5 months)