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▼Hans H. Reese



●Key Role Position

Professor Emeritus, University of Wisconsin

●Field of Specialty

Psychiatry and Neurology

●Reasons for Conferment

  1. He taught the epidemiological research of multiple sclerosis in the Fukuoka region, taught the medical examination of neuropathic patients while conducting lectures or seminars in line with lectures on neuropathology to students and medical staff, and greatly contributed to the development of neuropathology at the Kyushu University School of Medicine.
  2. He contributed grants students of Kyushu University’s School of Medicine for research expenditures and opportunities to study abroad in the U.S.
  3. Became a major figure in the creation of a Cranial Nerve Disease Laboratory.

●Position While at School

Invited Lecturer

●Period at School

April 1959 to July 1959 (three months)