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▼Duties for Enrollment

●Changing Status of Residence

Foreigners who have been admitted to Kyushu University are required to obtain a “COLLEGE STUDENT” status of residence. If you do not have the status stamped in your passport, you should consult the Student Section in your department, get complete set of necessary documents, and apply for change of the status at the Fukuoka Immigration Bureau.
You must make certain that the University will not grant you as a international student if you do not have “COLLEGE STUDENT” status of residence.

■Necessary Documents

1. Application for Change of Status of Residence
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2. Document stating reason for the application (no fixed form)
3. Photocopy of Admission Letter from Kyushu University.
(If you are a research student, a proper document mentioning the substance of your
research at Kyushu University.)
4. Curriculum Vitae (including documents indicating the final level of education attained,
i.e. Certificate of Graduation)
5. Document proving your financial capability during the stay in Japan
6. Passport
7. Fee: ¥4,000 (a revenue stamp)

*You may be requested to submit additional documents.

■Where to Submit

Fukuoka Immigration Bureau
Fukuoka Legal Affairs Government Complex No.1, 3-5-25, Maizuru, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka 810-0073
Office Hours : 8:30AM~5:15PM(Weekday)
[Information Center] TEL 0570-013904(IP,PHS,Overseas:03-5796-7112)

Immigration Bureau of Japan >> http://www.immi-moj.go.jp