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▼Duties for Enrollment

●Alien Registration:

Foreigners residing in Japan are required, under the “Alien Registration Law”, to register themselvesat the municipal office of the city, ward, town or village in which they are living within 90 days after arriving in Japan.Certificate of Alien Registration (Alien Registration Card) will be issued in a few weeks of your application. Please carry the card always with you, and if you do so, you will be no need to carry your passport.

*When any change has taken place in the registered matters, your registration card has been lost or stolen or you have extended the period of stay, notify the municipal office and apply for the reissue within 14 days. The following are necessary for the application.

■Necessary Documents

  1. Passport
  2. Two photographs (4.5cm x 3.5cm) taken within the last 6 months