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▼Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho) Scholarship Students

●Return Travel Allowance

Monbukagakusho scholars who have completed the term of scholarship will be issued with an economy class plane ticket to the international airport nearest their residence in their country.

Application is to be made through the Intl Student Exchange Div. to the JASSO around three months before the expiration of the term. The JASSO will request
the designated travel agency
to book the ticket, and the student is to contact the agency and receive it.

However, the travel allowance can not be granted if he/she is continuing his/her study in Japan as a self-supporting student or in the case that he/she does not return home soon after the scholarship tenure expired.

The date of returning home should be set within the month in which the scholarship term ends. For example, if your scholarship ends in March, you shuold retun home in March.


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