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▼Procedure for Immigration Services

●Bringing Your Family to Japan

If you wish to live with your family, it is recommended that you have your family come after you have become accustomed to life in Japan and have found a place for them to live.

Entry visa for your family can be obtained from the Japanese Embassy in your country. While, another way is that you obtain Certificate of Eligibility to Status of Residence for your family at the Fukuoka Immigration Bureau, and then your family should take it to the Japanese Embassy to apply for an entry visa. The paperwork at the Japanese Embassy can be processed more smoothly in the latter case, and the entry visa will be issued quickly.

■Necessary Documents

A. If you are a Monbukagakusho scholar

1. Application for Certificate of Eligibility
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2. Two photographs (4cm x 3cm) of the person who obtains the eligibility.
3. Documents certifying relationship to you (copy of family register,copy of marriage certificate,
copy of birth certificate, etc.)
4. Certificate of Enrollment
5. Certificate of Alien Registration (issued at the municipal office)
6. Passport
7. Stamped self-addressed envelope (to receive the certificate by mail)
8. Certificate of Scholarship for Japanese Government Scholars

B. If you are a self-supporting international student:

1.-7. same as A.
8. Documents indicating financial capability to support your family
9. Certificate of the balance in your bank account
10. Certificate of Scholarship

*You may be requested to submit additional documents if necessary.
*Documents in a foreign language must be accompanied by a Japanese translation.

■Where to Submit

Fukuoka Immigration Bureau
Fukuoka Legal Affairs Government Complex No.1, 3-5-25, Maizuru, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka 810-0073

Office Hours : 8:30AM~5:15PM(Weekday)
[Immigration Information Center] TEL 0570-013904(IP,PHS,Overseas:03-5796-7112)

Immigration Bureau of Japan >> http://www.immi-moj.go.jp