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▼Leaving Japan

●Correspondences after Returning

When you decide to return to your home country, you should input your new address and occupation to the alummi database. Some publication (News Letter, Former International Students List, etc.) will be sent to you from Kyushu University after returning. In addition, you should register your information (adress, place of employment after returning, etc.)in the database system in order to keep in touch with each other.

■ID, Password

Your ID and password will be provided at the time of graduation. Please let us know if you run

into problems obtaining or using these. Our contact information:

International Student Exchange Division

International Student Center

Kyushu University

6-10-1 Hakozaki, Higashi-ku

Fukuoka 819-0395

Tel: +81 92 642 4323

Fax: +81 92 642 2144

E-mail intlrshien@jimu.kyushu-u.ac.jp

●Procedure for Moving Out of a Private Apartment

If you are living in a private apartment, you should give notice to the landlord one month prior to moving out. If you fail, the deposit you paid may not be refunded.

Also you should notify the gas and electric power company and the Waterworks Bureau of the moving-out date and ask the settlement of the account.

●Settlement of Telephone Account

If you have a telephone installed, notify NTT and all other telephone companies you have used (Daini-Denden, Nihon-Telecom, KDD, ITJ, etc.) of your moving date and ask settlement of the account. If you have a rental telephone, contact the rental company and settle the account.

●Closing Bank and Japan Post Bank (Japan Post Office) Account

Before closing your bank and post office account, confirm if all of the appointed payments (scholarship, etc.) have been received.

●Alien Registration Card

Please return your alien registration card when you leave for your country. Please return it at the airport when you depart.

●National Health Insurance Card

Please return your National Health Insurance Card to the municipal office of the ward before leaving.

When you return to your country…
  There are many other things to be done in addition to those mentioned above. Especially, you
should pay careful attention to all of the bills to be settled up. If you leave Japan without paying
them, it will give your guarantor, advisor or the University a lot of trouble. Moreover, you will
disgrace the reputation of your own country.