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▼Self-supporting International Students


● JASSO [Gakushu-Shoreihi]

Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students 2015

Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) provides scholarships for privately financed international students to help them with their academic work and research in Japan.


● Qualifications and Requirements for Applicants

(1) Qualifications

The student must have the status of residence “College Student”

1. The student must be enrolled as a regular-student in degree programs at a university

undergraduate school.

2. The student must be enrolled as a research student or regular-student in degree programs at

a graduate school.

(excluding Japanese Government Scholarship Students or state-sponsored students)


(2) Requirements

1. The scholastic evaluation score is required more than 2.30 for undergraduate level and Graduates level. ( by JASSO standard )

2. The allowance sent from the student’s private funding source may not exceed, on average,

90,000 yen per month.

3. The total monthly amount of funding from other scholarships may not exceed the monthly


4. The annual income earned by supporter(s) who is/are resident in Japan may not exceed

5,000,000 yen.

5. Applicants who can be cooperative with JASSO’s research regarding which course scholars

take after graduation.


(3) Monthly stipend

Undergraduates: 48,000 yen

Research students, Graduates: 48,000 yen


(4) Duration of Scholarship

One year ( April 2015 ~ March 2016 )


(5) Application

Applicants will be accepted through their faculty student office in every April.


(6) Recommendation

Scholarship candidates will be recommended to JASSO by the end of May.


(7) Result notification

Successful candidates will be notified through their faculty student office by the end of June.


(8) Disbursement Requirements

To receive scholarship payments, scholars are required to apply every month by signing a

prescribed form at the international student exchange division.

Number of recipients (As of 2014, including recipients for additional recipients):

Academic Level No. of Scholars Total No. of Scholars
Undergraduate Students 40 146
Research students and Graduates 106