Scholarship information for self-supporting international students are available on the notice board at the student office in your department.
Please be aware of that some scholarship will be closed soon.
Following scholarship are listed in order the information is updated.

Updated on Scholarship Stipends Duration Eligibility Area # of Recipient Application
e.g.can be applied w/o
Japanese proficiency
2015 2016
none Aug 22, 2016 Teijin Kumura Scholarship(Doctor's Course) 60,000 Yen a month till exp of term of study Docter (Medical, Pharmaceutical, Bioscience, Science, Engineering, Information science) No specification 1 0 August End of December *The screening within univeristy is held first. Regarding the deadline of the application, please inquire at your Student Affairs Division.
*If you are selected as a candidate from Kyushu University, you need to fill out the foundation application form in Japanese.
none Aug 17, 2016 NITORI International Scholarship Foundation 110,000 Yen a month 1 Year Undergraduate 2nd, 3rd, 4th year / Master No specification 0 1 August-November End of January [Eligibility]
*Those who can fluently communicate in Japanese.
*Those who don't recieve any other scholarships.
*Those who have never recieved or applied for this scholarship before.
none Aug 8, 2016 Interchange Association Scholarship(Taiwan) 144,000 Yen per month(master) / 145,000 Yen(doctor) per month / tuition fee etc. till exp of term of study Master, Doctor Taiwan 2 1 August-October End of February If you are interested in this scholarship, please directly apply at Interchange Association.
none Aug 5, 2016 Rotary YONEYAMA Memorial Foundation Scholarship 100,000 Yen a month(Undergrad) / 140,000 Yen a month(Graduate) 2 YEARS at the maximum Undergraduate 3rd or 4th year(*School of Medicine or Dentistry: 5th or 6th year), Master, Doctor 2nd or 3rd year(*Graduate School of Medicine or Dentistry: 5th or 6th year) No specification 8 7 August Mid December - Early Feburary *Be sure to read the application information to understand the purpose of this scholarship before the application.
*The deadline of the application for the screening within university differs according to the School/Grad School. Be sure to check the deadline at the Student Affairs Division of your Schhol/Grad School.
none Jul 28, 2016 NEC C&C Foundation "Grants for Non-Japanese Researchers" 125,000 yen per month For a maximum of 1 year(From April, 2017 or October, 2017) Doctor None     From July to September Middle of December [Eligibility] *For more details, please check the foundation website.
*The applicants must be engaged in research in the C&C or related technology fields.
*The applicants should not be older than 40 years old.
noneEnd. KDDI Foundation 100,000 Yen a month 6 MONTHS or 1YEAR Master, Doctor No specification 0 1 July End of January Applicants must study Information Technology in the field of Law, Politics, Economics,Sociology, Culture, and Technology.

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