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Country Institution Agreement 2010 2009 2008
Faculty of Engineering, University of Hasanuddin   Array       12/2,other...  
ICCEED(Toyohashi University of Technology), LPPM(Gadjah Mada University)   Array     6/2    
Arab Republic of Egypt Embassy of Japan in Egypt   Array     1/19    
E-JUST   Array       12/25  
Australia Australian Consulate General Fukuoka   Array   5/7      
Canada Embassy of Canada in Japan   Array   2/25      
The Republic of the Sudan University of Khartoum   Array   6/10      
Republic of Senegal The University of Dakar   Array     10/1    
Thailand Faculty of Agriculture,Chiang Mai University   Array     2/3,other...    
Royal Thai Embassy, Tokyo   Array       10/8  
Czech Republic VSB-Technical University of Ostrava   Array     5/22,other...    
Republic of Turkey Pamukkale University   Array     10/23    
Germany University of Hohenheim   Array   12/6,other...      
German Consulate General Osaka-Kobe   Array   1/28      
People's Republic of Bangladesh Embassy of the People's Republic of Bangladesh in Japan   Array     9/28    
France Sciences Po Bordeaux (l'Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Bordeaux) (The Institute of Political Studies Bordeaux)   Array     10/29    
Universite Michel de Montaigne Bordeaux 3   Array       10/29,other...  
Socialist Republic of Viet Nam Dang Cong san Viet Nam   Array   12/20      
Consulate general of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam in Fukuoka   Array     6/18    
Malaysia School of Languages, Literasies and Translation, Universiti Sains Malaysia   Array     6/2    
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia   Array   1/29      
United Kingdom Newcastle University   Array     10/22    
British Council   Array   2/26      
Korea The Korea Foundation   Array   12/17      
Embassy of Korea   Array     3/24    
Consulate-General of Korea in Fukuoka   Array   4/12      
Korea, China, Indonesia, Australia Global COE Program   Array       10/27  
Taiwan National Tsing Hua University   Array   8/30,other...      
Tamkang University   Array     6/17,other...    
China South China Normal University   Array   12/14      
Institute of Japanese Studies Chinese Academy of Social Sciences   Array   2/3      
School of Resources and Environmental Sciences, Xinjiang University   Array       12/26,other...  
Chengdu University of Technology   Array     11/25    
Ministry of Education of The People's Republic of China   Array     11/13    
Renmin University of China   Array       10/15,other...  
Northeast Normal University   Array     8/5,other...