Some Words from the Director of International Student Center (ISC)

WATANABE, Koichiro 
Director of the International Student Center
Kyushu University

Since its establishment in 1994, JTW has gone from strength to strength and accommodated more than 470 students from all over the world. I feel very proud to see that this program is contributing to international understanding to a degree that goes well beyond our initial expectations.

“Japan in Today’s World” is an academic program for undergraduate level Japanese studies taught principally in English. Our aim is to enable highly motivated students from overseas to pursue their academic interests and gain a deeper understanding of issues relating to modern Japan in a global context. Participating in the “Japan in Today’s World” Program will allow students to study diverse subjects within Japanese studies in English, without language barriers. From the past 15-year experience of running this program, we strongly believe that this unique structure has enabled JTW to become one of the most distinguished study abroad programs in Japan.

Lectures are structured so as to enable the students to acquire knowledge on subjects that may well be remote from the student’s major in their home university, as well as providing students with the chance to specialize in a specific academic field. In addition, Japanese language education of diverse levels, the key for a good understanding of the country, will be offered.

The “Japan in Today’s World” Program has been historically successful and I sincerely hope that this program may in the future become even more of a bridge between your country and Japan.