Independent Study Project

2009-10 Western Postmodernism in Japanese Literature
apanese Literature – Murakami Haruki
Gender perception from an auto ethnography perspective with connection to Japanese Manga/Anime
Japan’s ODA Charter and Its Commitment to Human Rights in Burma/Myanmar
Japan’s Pursuit of Russian Energy
Regional Integration in East Asia: A View from European Experience
Women and power in Japan
Feminism in Japan
Abe Kobo’s Japan
Japanese Traditional Dance
Otaku: Societal Misfits or Contributors to Society?
What kind of life do Japanese youths want
Relationship between Happiness, Meaning of Life and Public-Mind : Study case in Yufuin and Beppu City
Study on Japanese Vehicle Company with Hyundai
Museum and Architecture:  Japanese Modern- ANDO- ty (a special eye on Naoshima)
Japanese Zaibatsu/Keiretsu and Korean Chaebol: History, Comparison, and Future
Japanese Branding in Fast Fashion Retail (Uniqlo and Zara)
Sociological research on environmental organizations in Japan
Foreigners in Japanese Onsen
Depression in Modern Japan
Should Japan Adopt a Nuclear Weapons Programme?
Japan and the East Asian Community: A win-win situation
Japanese Emperor during the final years of the Tokugawa Period (1853‐1868)
What are the functions of the Shintō shrine for people who use it?
Children’s Music Education in Japan
Food Culture in Contemporary Japan
Embryonic stem cells can generate all kinds of cell layers both in vitro and in vivo
Road Traffic Safety
Tourism in Japan: Double Response to the Globalization
The architecture of Fukuoka
Looking into the Toyota Shock
Kawaii-Cuteness in Japan
Post-War Origins of Contemporary Art: The Emergence of Experimental Film and Video in Japan
Techno-Animism and the Virtual Soul
The Tone of Hakata: A study on the accent and tone of the verbs of the Hakata dialect
    Yakuza – The History of Outlaws and Present Reality
    Modern Fiction in Japan
    “KNOWING NOH” Defining Modern Noh
    The Success of Japanese Industry
    Unique Features of Television Advertising in Japan
    The success of Tokyo Disney Resort
    Robotics Technology
    The Seismic Prevention Methods in Contemporary Japan
    The Use of English in Modern Japanese Music
    Civil Society in Japan
    Coming out – Transsexual and gay culture in Japan
    Yatai in Fukuoka
    Lay Participation in the Japanese and the Korean Justice Systems
    Exploration of Japanese Archetypes in Hayao Miyazaki’s Anime
    Winter Sonata – Its Influence on Japan and Korea
    Japan’s Financial Market
    Japan’s Lost Decade
    Japanese and Swedish Copyright
    Sushi Culture
    Separation of Powers
    The Cultural Influences of China and Korea on Japan
    Sino-Japanese Relations since the Departure of SCAP
    Phonology of Fukuoka Dialect
    Korean Undergraduate Students’ Arbeit and Korea Economy
    The Dynamic Process of Self and Other through Western Style Wedding in Japan
    Marriage in Japan
    The Japanese TV industry: Wideshow
    Nuclear Implications of Changes in the Japanese Government and Public Opinion
    Sōka Gakkai and Shin Komeito
    Office Lady
    Introduction of the status of Botanical Gardens in Japan and Korea
    Motivation of Japanese University Students towards Learning Chinese
    Industrial Design in Japan
    The Financial Crisis and Korea Real Estate Market Bubble
    Japan’s Wine Landscape and its Appropriation by Japanese
    Comparative literature study: The Presence of the West in Murakami Haruki and Murakami Ryu’s Novels
    Making Japanese Citizens: The School as a Disciplinary Institution
    Green Tourism of Japan: Ukiha City Green Tourism
    Japanese Humor
    Gift Giving in Japan
    Japanese Alternative Female Fashion: Towards a New Expression of Gender
    NINTENDO’s Huge Success with NDSL and Wii
    The History of Japanese Economy
    Spirituality in Japan
    Impact of Japan’s Monetary Policy on Global Economy
    Investigation of Japanese Cartoon Culture
    Phonology of Fukuoka Dialect
    Japan and China 1990-2008
    Japanese Religion – Shinto and Shrine
    Economic developments of Japan and its influences: mid-nineteenthcentury to the present
    The success of Tokyo Disney Resort
    Unique Features of Television Advertising in Japan
    Development of Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell in Japan
    Korean Undergraduate Students’ Arbeit and Korea Economy
    Reforming the Japanese Written Language
    Silver business of Japan
2007-08 Yōkai in Japanese Society : A Study of Yōkai from the Edo Period to Contemporary Japan
The Recycling of Household Waste in Japanese
Selfish Young People in Japan
Economic Bubble – A Comparison between Chinese Present Situation and Japan in 1980’s
Kanji Learning Strategies
Longevity Relating to Diet
Corporate Governance in Japan-Comparison of experiences in U.S. Taiwan and Japan
Japanese Education Facing Challenge
When Words and Norms Collide : Speech Difference in Gender and Role
The Portrait of Japanese Youth in Japanese Film
Dialectal Variation in Modern Japan
Influence of China and Korea on Japanese Buddhist Art
Samurai of Kyushu
Mobile Information Technology in Japan
Feminine Characters in Haruki Murakami’s Work
The Pragmatics of Keigo
Japanese Reading Education
Comparing Secondary Education in the Subject of Computer Science in Japan and Germany
The Contemporary Tendency of the Japanese Education Reform
Aspects of Shinto and Buddhism
Traditional Japanese Residential Architecture
Japanese Firms Organizational System : A Worldwide Valid Model?
Recent Trend in Groupism seen in Japanese Elementary Education: Singapore Education in Comparison
A Comparative Study of the “Hidden Curriculum” in Japanese and Swedish High Schools
Keitai: The Japanese Communication Revolution
Geisha in Modern Japan
Tomboys and Androgynous Girls: Defining "Femininity" in Shojo Media
Place Marketing in Kyushu
The Public and Private Sector in Japanese and American Healthcare
Body Image, Diet, and the Influence of the West on the Japanese Female Obsession with Thinness
The Hikikomori Phenomenon Finding a Way out
The Case Study of the North Korean Abduction of the Japanese
Japan’s Bid for a Permanent Seat in the United Nations Security Council
The New Religious Movements of Japan
The Interaction of Economy and Politics in Sino-Japan Relationship
Introduction to Natural Language Processing of Japanese Language using an Implementation of an Information Retrieval System on Japanese Festivals
European Influence on Religion in Kyushu: The "Kakure Kirishitan" Case
The Influence of Meiji Restoration toward Current Japan’s Journalism
Suicide in Japan
The Russo-Japanese War: the Pivotal Chapter
From Army to Self-Defense Force
Entrepreneurship in Japan – Strategies and Success Factors to Compensate a Difficult Starting Situation
Overcoming Cultural Barriers in Project Management
The Korean Economy in Crisis
Social Characters in Private Pension – Comparative Studies on Japanese Corporate Pension and Korean Retirement Pension
Uncovering the Roots : Exploring the Cultural Significance of Young Japanese Men’s Hairstyles
Designing and Implementing a Smart Home System


Sustainable Development of Tourism
Relationship Between Self-monitoring, Conformity,
and Prosocial Behaviour: A Cross-cultural Study
A State Without an Army?
Food and beverage market in Japan
Poetry as Power: Examining the Cultural Power of Poetry as a Historical Narrative
Religion and Politics in Japan
Japan’s Implementation of the Kyoto Protocol
Japanese Cinema: the International Approach
Urban Life in Japan: In Relation with Works of Murakami Haruki and Postmodernism
Eating Habit in Japan
China Policy of Ikeda Cabinet and International Relations in East Asia in the Beginning of 1960s ­—- A case study on Chou Hung-ching incident
Dazaifu and Hakata’s Role in Japanese Foreign Interactions, 664-1300
Hydrogen Energy – Metallic Alloy for Hydrogen Storage
Yakuza-Myth versus Reality
Traditional Japanese Music : Shamisen
Molding Men
Censorship’s Impact on the Modern Film Industry
α-glucosidase Inhibition by Natural Resources
Phosphoproteomics: A Look at Cell Signaling in the Basidiomycete
Nagasaki Chinese Quarter A Study on Two Large Scale Riots in 1827 and 1835
Three Heroes of Japan’s Sengokujidai (Warring Period) and their management strategy
Getting a job in Japan
Relations between Fukuoka and Bordeaux
Women’s Career Opportunities in Japan Part II
Anime: A Phenomenon in Singapore?
Japanese Culture in Miyazaki Hayao’s Anime
Japanese Imperial Succession: Gender Issues
Supply Chain Management in Japan
Nuclear Energy and Safety in Japan
Japanese-ness: Architectural Identity in an International Fukuoka
Development of biochip for Surface Plasmon Resonance based Biosensor for Proteomics and its Application
Visual Kanji Dictionary
Cosmetics Market in Japan
Characteristics of wine market in Japan : How to make French wines more competitive on the Japanese market?
Comparative Study on Chaebol, Zaibatsu Keiretsu : Focusing on Those roles on Innovation System
The status of career planning among Japanese female undergraduates
Japan´s Labor Market – in Social and Economical Dynamics
Honne and Tatemae in Japanese Society
Christianity in Nagasaki
: Grave reality or Overexaggerated threat?
Economic Relationship and Movement of People between Japan and South America
How the 90’s economic crisis transformed Japanese society
Japan and Environmentalism
To construct a harmonious society
: A report on environmental technology in Japan
Social Health Services
for Illegally Staying Foreigners

Western Celebrities

in Japanese Commercials
Society through Orbit Eyes

Winter sports and successful German
companies in Japan
A Model of Economies in Aging Societies

2005-06 The Films of Akira Kurosawa as Discussions of Ethical
Relativism and Japanese Cultural Nationalist Aesthetics
Comparison of Tertiary Education between Japan and the
United States
A Comparison between the Japanese and the Belgian Educational
Chemical Communication Study of Select Cnidarians
Changed Circumstances that Affect the Contract – A Comparative
International Litigation and Arbitration in Japan -Procedure
of Evidence Gathering
Katakana and English in Japan
The North Korea Effect: The Influence of North Korea
on US – Japan Relations
JAPAN SINCE 1945 – Article 9: to Change or Not to Change?
(That is the Question.)
Mercury Contaminant as Sources of the Environmental
Pollution Fermentation and Fermented Foods
Would it be Possible on the US’ part to make Japan its
staunch ally?
The Failure of Japanese Economic Policy
The Case Study of Japanese Corporate Governance
The SDF in the 21st Century:
A Scenario for Possible Engagement
Japan’s Decreasing Population: Challenges and
Shinto and Japanese Passage of Life
Suicides in Japan
Text Messaging in Japan and Postmodernism
Successful Organizational Culture in Japanese Companies,
concerning dismissal issues
Ritual Propriety and Polite Language by Japanese College
Green Chemistry and SCWO in Japan
Housings for the elderly in Japan
Comparative studies on MMORPG culture between Japan
and Korea
From Eating Habits: How Family Relationship and the
Society Changes – Case Study of Japan and Hong Kong
Future Earthquake in Japan – an analysis of likely factors
affecting the scale of economic losses
Comparasion of Consumptive Patern between China and
Japan – III
English Language Education Policy in Japan
Comparative Studies on Foreign Language Acquisition
Japan’s Digital Camera Industry
Women and Perceptions of Romance in Contemporary Japan
Japanese Non-Government Organizations and Protection
of Human Rights in Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking.
The Popularity of Young Girls in Media of Contemporary
Japanese Society
Gender in Japanese Commercials
Women in the Floating World
The population and the economy in Japan
What role does sport play in the Japanese education
Brand Management
2004-05 Korean Wave (Han-ryu) Phenomenon and Strategy of
Culture Industry Development
Japanese Contemporary Architecture: Metabolism
Free Trade Agreement between Korea and Japan
The Educational Channel of NHK; Utilization of Television
for Education
Japanese Popular Culture and Its Influence in Thailand
Popularity of Japanese Comics and Animations among Teenagers
and Adults
Japanese Methods of Punishment and the Prison
Educational Institutions for Western Studies in Tokugawa
Bunraku a Cultural Icon of Japan
Is Yosano Akiko really the pacifist she is thought to
The Use of the Shamisen in the Takeshi Kitano’s
Movie: Zatoichi
Miyamoto Musashi and the Way of Swords
Being a Working Women in Japan
What is the Charm of LEXUS? – A Japanese Car Storms
the World’s Luxury Car Market
History and Memory in Japan
The Case of Sexual Slavery
The Socialist Movements in Japan and Korea
The Video Game Industry in Japan
The Case Study of Japan’s OVOP and Thailand’s
Gift Giving in Japan
Bread in Japanese Diet
Policy of Separating Dispensing Practice from Medical
Practice in Japan
Building an East Asian Community
Japan’s Role in the Changing World Order
Japan’s Potentials and Limitations on Economic
Influence of Confucianism on Japan Society (Comparing
with Korea)
English as Communication: Japanese English Education
Robotics and Mechatronics Development in Japan
Pachinko in Japan
Government with No Nation: Democratic Discourse and
Popular Notions of Rights in 19th Century Japan
The Secret of Japanese Longevity
Electronic Commerce in Japan
The Evolution of Foreign Identity in Japanese Media
The Organization, the Group and the Worker: An Analysis
of the Japanese Organizational Behavior and Human Resource
Management Style
    Japanese Elementary Education
    Burakumin Discrimination and Human Rights in Japan
    The Image of Hong Kong In the eyes of Japanese
    The Japanese Yakuza: Putting the Pieces Together
    Response in Environmental Crisis
    A Life as Seen Through Letters:Reflections and
    Inter-pretations of the Showa Emperor in his Final
    Dialects in Kyushu and Japanese People’s
    Attitudes toward Them
    Are the Japanese People Collectivists or Individualists?
    The Role of China in Solving the Recent North
    Korea Nuclear Crisis
    Reflections on the Architecture of Ando Tadao
    Japanese Culture And Spiritual World Reflected
    In Clay Figurines
    Human Trafficking and a Shamed Japan
    Japanization: Importation of Japanese-style Management
    Japan’s Lost Decade: An Inevitable Cyclical
    How to Promote Thai Tourism to Japan
    A Japan-Thailand Free Trade Agreement
    Korea’s economic development in a regional
    Kanji-Part1: Basic Facts and Classroom Study
    The Radioactive Legacy of the Atomic Bomb
    Traditional Japanese Pottery in the Modern Context
    The Making of the Meiji Constitution and The Power
    of the Oligarchy
    Japanese Cinema: Tradition and Modernity
    The Current Situations and the Success Factors
    of Japanese Animation Business
    Manga’s Graphic and Linguistic Possibilities
    of Expression
    Playing with Culture: An Argument for Video Games
    Arcades as Cultural Loci
    College Student’s Usage of Mobile Technology
    in Japan
    Decentralization in centralized countries: Japan
    and France compared
    Comparison of Korean and Japanese Tea Ceremony
    A Coincidence of Time and Culture: The Lucky Dragon
    V Incident
    The Struggle Over the Hinomaru and Kimigayo in
    Japanese Postwar Public Education
    Melanin biosynthesis inhibitor from edible and
    medical mushrooms
    Selective Staining of Phosphoprotein in SDS-PAGE
    Josephson Current Suppression in a Superconducting
    Tunnel Junction with Gaussian Distribution Geometry
    The Fast Level Set Method with the use of an Inertial
    Extension Velocity Field
    Phosphorylated peptide synthesis Toward analyzing
    function of phosphorylated protein
    Labeling of moving objects determined with the
    Fast Level Set Method

    Contemporary Japanese Artists
    Women in the Mass Urban Culture of 1920s Japan
    Designing a Pleasant Urban Scenery
    Ubiquitous Uniqueness -Evolution of Characters
    in Miyazaki Hayao’s Animation
    Japanese money, banking and financial markets
    Swords in Japanese Society (a cultural and historical
    Shintoism and Buddhism in Japan
    No Place Like Home: Regional Identities in Kyushu
    The Comfort Women Controversy 1991-2003: An Unresolved
    Destructing Japanese Motherhood Ideology: Feminist
    and Historical Perspectives
    Japanese and Rice-What rice means to Japanese
    through the issue of rice trade
    Working Women in Japan
    Japanese Comic Art and Animation: Is science fiction
    a window to the future or purely dismissible entertainment?
    The Extradition of Fujimori
    Sino-Japanese economic relationship in the 1990’s
    The Crusade of Brakumin
    Japanese Women’s Empowerment -via Participating
    in NGOs
    Abduction?Abductees issues on Japanese Newspapers
    Employment and gender stratification in the new
    Play Along, Get Along: Perspectives on Japanese
    Early Education
    An Insight Into Computer Generated Imagery
    Understanding and Designing Internet Application
    Analysis of Arm Muscle Dynamics for Application
    in Humanoid Robotic Systems
    Fabrication of A Thermal-Bubble-Actuated Micro
    pump with Bubble Valve
    Taste Sensing and Microfabication Techniques
    The Japanese Economy Entering the 21st Century
    :The Paradox of a Wealthy Economy Facing Major Recession
    Lafcadio Hearn and Japanese Myth
    The Art of Japanese Ceramics
    Okinawa : The Identity Crisis
    The Impact of Japanese Colonial Rule on the Development
    of Capitalism in Taiwan
    English Education in Japan
    Myth and History: An Analysis of the Mimana Nihonfu
    on the Early Yamato State
    Calculation of the Heat Transfer Coefficient of
    a Carbon Dioxide Adsorbent
    Japanese Economy: Late 1800’s to the Present
    Long-term Care Insurance System
    Japanese Corporate Finance – Past, Present
    and Future
    Modern Corporate Structure and Its Influence on
    Women’s Working Conditions
    Japan’s Banking System Crisis
    Minority Struggles and Geographical Issues in
    Contemporary Japanese Society
    Newspaper Culture in Japan and Their Student Readers
    The Reform of the Juvenile Law
    To Recover Japanese Economy
    Molecular Phosphate Sensor
    Bio-world and Japan’s Prospect in the Bio-world
    Comparative Study of the Public Action in Japan
    and in France
    Healthcare reform in Canada and Japan: A Comparative
    The Future of Nuclear Power in Japan
    Comparative Perspectives of Japanese Colonialism:-
    the Cases of Korea and Taiwan
    Analysis of Gas Permeability through a Gamma-Alumina
    Membrane Support Tube
    Strict Liability in the Product Liability Laws
    of the UK & Japan: A Wider Look
    Corporate Governance in Japan
    Urban Development in Early Modern Edo
    The Impact of Western Thought on Japanese Literature
    of the Taisho era as seen through the works of Arishima
    Takeo and Nagai Kafu
    The Economy of Modern China
    The Economy of Modern Japan
    A Historical Survey of and a Culturalist View
    on Japan’s Security Policy and Japan’s
    Security Treaties with the U.S. from 1951 until
    Interpretations of Japan in the Global Community
    through Popular Coding – messages in and reactions
    to contemporary film and quotidian signs
    The Status of Women in Japan – views of contemporary
    college students
    Japanese and Korean Women Writers from the Meiji
    to the Colonial Era
    Japanese Corporate Strategy Down-under
    Post-1985 Japanese Politico-economic Reforms
    A Comparison of Women in Japanese and American
    Unit 731 – the secret and the shame
    Japan’s ODA to African Countries
    The Volunteer Initiative in Elderly Care in Japan
    The Effect of the Asian Economic Crisis on Japanese
    A Cultural Perspective on Filipino Workers in
    Japanese E-commerce
    Modern Japanese Society through the Eyes of Buddhist
    The Impact of Ijime on Suicide Rates in Japanese
    Comparison of Japanese and American Literature
    Differences between the Trade Regimes of Japan
    and the US Evident in Keiretsu
    Manga – what does it represent to Japanese society?
    How Labor Management Relations in Japan are Changing
    The Social Structure of Tokugawa Japan – the role
    and influence of yomihon
    Propaganda in Early Twentieth Century Japan
    Japanese Mythology, Particularly Shinto, in Comparison
    with Mythology
    Lean Manufacturing – a case study in the communications
    Japanese Military Preparedness
    Japanese Economics – an analysis of the deregulation
    of the financial sector and market trends towards
    Prototyping and Possible Integration of an Information
    Environment and the Meat/Fish Industry in Japan
    The History and Future of the Home Computer Industry
    in Japan
    The Future of Internationalization – multilingual
    speech synthesis and recognition
    Longevity of the Japanese People – why and the
    impeding effects of the westernization of lifestyles
    Sociological Analysis of Otaku
    The Use of Katakana in Japan
    A Study of Nationalism in Japan
    Japanese Symbols and Culture
    Patterns of Strategic Communication in the Japanese
    Language and Culture
    The Impact of Market Access and Investment Restrictions
    on Japanese Pension Funds
    Forms of Confession in Japanese Literature – the
    Immigration and Citizenship in Japan – a sociological
    Corporate Governance – a critical review of the
    ways and efficiency of monitoring capital companies
    Japanese Language Between Sexes – women’s emotionality
    and indiscretions of speech
    Policies and Implementations for the Aged Society
    The Japanese Health Care System and its Implications
    on the Drug Market
    Images of the Japanese in American Film
    Understanding Colonial Korea
    The Internet in Japan – past, present and future
    Publication and Censorship in Japan
    The Struggle for Power – a comparison between
    the Warrior Period in Japan and the Three Kingdoms
    Period of China
    Kanpo Medicine – overview and recent impact on
    medical society
    Comparative Study of International Reporting on
    North Korea’s Nuclear Issue
    Japan-Russia Stalemate – the case of the Northern
    An Analysis of the US-Japan Civil Aviation Treaty
    and Other Issues Facing
    Commercial Aviation on Japan
    Foreign Language Education in Japan and the US
    Japanese-only Taste
    The Effects of Japanese Culture on Food
    Japan Sets Out for Total War
    The Future of APEC
    The Japanese Employment System
    US-Japan Relations – the case of the semiconductor
    Japanese Architecture – post-modern/contemporary
    Supersonic Jet Impingements on a Flat Plane
    Tradition in Japanese Theatrical Devices
    Japan – its unexplained success
    Daily Life in the Tokugawa Period
    Scientific Research in the Field of Biochemistry
    and Molecular Biology
    Society’s Influence on the Organizational Structure
    of Large Japanese Companies
    International Trade Relationship between the US
    and Japan
    Japanese Economics
    Women in Japan
    The Japanese Attitude towards Work
    How Japan’s Future Role in East Asia is Dependent
    upon the Revision of its Security Alliance with
    the United States
    The Japanese Colonial Empire
    Harmonious Change – the history and development
    of Japanese music and its social and religious implications
    Religion in the Mind of Japanese People (Today)
    History of Christianity in Japan (1549 to the
    Study of Environment-friendly High-performance
    Diesel Engines
    The Future of Sogo Shosha in Japan
    Economic Development of Japan and the Role of
    The Differences at the Same Point of History in
    the History Textbook for
    High School Students in Korea and Japan
    The History of Acupuncture in Japan
    Shingonshu – theory and practice of Kukai’s philosophy
    and its impact on society
    An Inside Look at the Japanese Automotive Parts
    Japanese Management Banking
    Japanese Banking – economic continuity in the
    wartime and peacetime eras
    The Empty Choice – changes in Japanese voters’
    perception of the New Frontier Party
    The Relationship between State and Religion in
    The Expansion of Japan’s Alcoholic Beverage Market
    The Burakumin – finding solutions to a complex
    Contemporary Japanese Literature – Shimizu Yoshinori’s
    translation of Sushi and Ninja
    Consumed by Darkness – the suicidal legacy of
    Japan’s modern writers
    Japanese ODA – keizai kyoryoku and political tool
    Reviving the Asian Mystique
    Weaving the Threads of Innovation
    The Historical Development of Japan’s Citizens’
    Japanese Cultural Indentity and National Character
    – it’s relation to
    practices of big enterprises in Japan
    A Cross-cultural Study of Japanese and American
    University Students on Stress
    A Comparative Overview of Health Care Systems
    in Japan and the United States
    English Education in Japan
    The Japanese Education System’s Focus on the University
    Entrance Examination – a defence of ‘Exam Hell’
    Sony – the Japanese ccmpany and the international
    Microprocessor Education
    Machine Translation
    The Powerful Web of Soka Gakkai
    The Role of the United States in the Provision
    of Humanitarian Assistance
    The General Concepts of Shinto and Shrines
    The Changing Computer Market in Japan
    Eastman Kodak Co vs Fuji Film Co – an analysis
    of the Eastman Kodak Company’s 301 Petition
    Japan – understanding its industrialization and
    East Asian financial development
    Marketing in Japan