How to register for JTW courses for Non-JTW Students

JTW program offers various courses at Center Zone at Ito Campus. They are open to degree students and exchange students as Kikan Kyoiku courses for credits.

How to register
  • Download “JTW course registration form for non-JTW Students” below.
  • Attend the first class meeting and obtain the signature from the instructor.
  • Submit the registration form to International Student Exchange Division Office at Ito Campus

*If you wish to obtain credits by taking one or more JTW courses as Kikan Education course, you must tick “Enroll” on the registration form and submit it to the International Student Exchange Division at Ito Campus, otherwise; your registration will be invalid.

**If you audit the course(s) or if you are an exchange student, you still must submit the registration form to the International Student Exchange Division at Ito Campus.

Class Schedule for Fall/Winter Semester

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2019 ~ Friday, January 31st, 2020

JTW core course registration deadline

Submission Deadline: October 11th (Fri), 2019 

  • There will be irregular make-ups for each class. Please be advised for more details by the instructor.
  • We set class size limitation for the courses listed below. Please note that JTW students have the 1st priority for taking the courses. If you would like to take any of these, make sure to attend the 1st class meeting and be informed of the registration process by the instructor.
Courses with size limitation
Fall/Winter Semester
  • Japanese Life through Tea Ceremony
  • Two Murakami’s (Haruki, Ryu)
Spring/Summer Semester
  • Linguistic Description of Japanese (T. Okazaki)