University Summit in Kyushu 2007
Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan, 27-28 October
Session 1(Part1): The "Science City" of the Future and the Environment

Prof. Dr. Hiroto YASUURA
Faculty of Engineering, Kyushu University


e-World Project
A challenge for Social Information Infrastructure


In the last four decades of the 20th century, many information and communication technologies (IT or ICT) have been developed and introduced in various social systems, which are supporting our daily lives. Since the ICT have progressed very rapidly, the basic structure of each social system, which was mostly designed in the 19th or the beginning of 20th centuries with few information technologies, should be redesigned under the assumption of the existence of the advanced ICT. Based on the high-performance LSIfs with large embedded software connected by worldwide wide-band networks, we can design next generation of social systems, which are directly related with quality of our society including individual rights and national security

The goal of e-World project is to establish concepts and new technologies for Social Information Infrastructure, which is the basis of the next generation social systems. In the project, we have three subprojects: 1) Fundamental experiments of the new ICT in Ito campus, 2) Creation of practical experimental field in Fukuoka city area for the social information infrastructure, and 3) Development of social information infrastructure for developing countries.

We have developed a new ID system on smart cards and mobile phone, called MIID (Media Independent ID). Based on MIID, we provide several services in ITO campus such as entrance keys of buildings, library services and e-money service. Using MIID, we can implement secure and safe ID control with reasonable expenses. We are planning to expand the usage of MIID to various services in Kyushu University including computer access, administrative services for students and stuffs, and rights controls.

MIID systems have been also applied to various experiments outside of our campus. We have done experiments of social systems with more than 60 companies and local governments. A new organization, named Fukuoka Information Economic Infrastructure Council, has been established with universities, companies and local governments in Fukuoka area. The activity is also collaborated with Silicon Sea Belt Fukuoka Project, which is aiming to establish the center of excellence of research and development on System LSI design and related ICT.

We also started a project of Social Information
Infrastructure for Mass
for developing countries,
which are the largest market for ICT in the near future.
Prof. Ashir Ahmed leads the new project to develop
applications of ICT in developing countries. Kyushu University
and Grameen group of Bangladesh concluded an agreement
of the collaboration in this project. From Kyushu University,
many researchers are involved in the project from the areas
of Agriculture, Medicine, Engineering and Computer Science.

Fig.1 MIID Devices: Smart Card and Mobile Phone


Hiroto YASUURA and Koji ISHIDA
System LSI Research Center, Kyushu University
Motooka 744, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka 819-0395,JAPAN

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Fig.2 Experimental Field: Fukuoka City
Aria(5,000 Users, 60 participants)