University Summit in Kyushu 2007
Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan, 27-28 October
Session 2 : The University as a Resource for Prosperous Local Communities

Rector, Gadja Mada University




University is one among four components to build a structure called resources for prosperity. It is a famous word recently, called CSR or (Corporate Social Responsibility). Especially in developing countries a university should introduce additional word called USR or (University Social Responsibility). In the term of USR then a university has multi-obligations, one among the many obligations is a responsibility to support and empower local communities. It is an obligatory mandate to make? local communities prosperous. Is it possible? How to fulfill the mandate?

Intelectual and economic potential of the local communities should be developed continuously with partnership among: (1)communities, (2)governments, (3)industries and (4)universities. In this case the university can take initiative for innovations that the four parties will be able to create synergy in a win-win collaboration. The creation of synergy is not free from many obstacles and constraints related to real local and global problems. A smart solution is? badly needed.

Gadjah Mada University is more intensively trying to be the group leader in Yogyakarta to create best collaboration with communities, government, and industries together with Kyushu University through the support of many parties. Those among them are JICA and Directorate General of Higher Education of Indonesia. However the steps which have been taken are still in preliminary stages. Experience learnt in several aspects will be presented hereafter.

One among many efforts which has been done at a very pleliminary steps is in the diagram below. The diagram depicted here is expected to be self explanatory.