University Summit in Kyushu 2007
Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan, 27-28 October
Session 3 : The University's Role in Health Sciences

Ms. Natalia B. NOSOVA
Executive Assistant to the Rector,
Saint Petersburg State University


University and Community: the case of St. Petersburg State University, Russia


St. Petersburg University is the oldest Russian university, founded in 1724 by tsar Peter the Great. From the very foundation of the university it was meant to have a Medical School as one of the four original faculties. However, it took 271 years to open a Medical faculty within the university. The medical faculty was opened in 1995. By that time there were 4 big medical schools in the city of St. Petersburg, and it was a challenge for the university to prove that what is created in addition to them is really necessary for the community.

The scientific progress of the last half a century has dramatically changed medicine all over the world. Discoveries in molecular genetics, physiology, biochemistry open new opportunities for the medical science. New equipment allows a new level of diagnostics and research. These changes call for new ways of training medical doctors. The university fully uses its potential to provide for such training.

Recently, the university opened a Medical center for the use of the members of the university as well as of the local community. The Center has efficient modern equipment and a staff of qualified medical personnel, 180 people. There are 3 out-patient clinics that serve over 20 000 patients. A strong emphasis is done on early diagnostics and prophylaxis.

The Center is currently working on introduction of gelectronic health identity cardh for university members.

The university is also involved in developing new drugs, which is mostly the prerogative of faculties of biology and chemistry. There are other inter-disciplinary projects at the university, aimed at the well-being of the local community, for example training in ecology and sustainable development, and education in the sphere of anti-drug management.