Arrival of government sponsored foreign student

(1)I am a Japanese government scholarship student. Does Kyushu University arrange my flight ticket as I filled in the “Online Application System”?
→No. This system is NOT designed for Kyushu University to arrange your air ticket, but to grasp the status of your application for the shuttle bus service and your schedule for checking in the dormitory.
Your flight ticket will be forwarded to you shortly by a travel agency designated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (“MEXT”) or the Japanese Embassy/Consulate. If the flight information you received is different from what you filled in the online application system, please update it immediately.

Shuttle Bus Service *This service is available for international students only

(1) Would it be possible for anyone other than me to use the shuttle bus service?
→Your accompanying family members can take this service as long as the members are to stay here in Fukuoka together with you or to come to Japan to help your moving in.
Since the capacity of the shuttle bus is limited, please refrain your friends welcoming your arrival at the airport from taking the bus with you. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

*Furthermore, please note as follows.
Unless you have arranged a “Couple” or “Family” type room, your family members cannot stay at your room even for overnight.
Anybody other than your family, for example, your friends etc., are NOT allowed to stay at your room.

International House/Dormitory

(1)Will I be able to check-in on Saturday, Sunday or National Holidays?
→You will not be able to check-in on Saturday, Sunday and National holidays for “Kashiihama International House/Residence” and “Ijiri International House”; however, you can check-in for “Ito dormitory 1 & 2”.
(2)Can I ship my belongings and have them delivered to the International House/Dormitory in advance of my arrival?
→Unfortunately, we will not accept any delivery on your behalf prior to your arrival. Please make arrangements accordingly.
(3)I would prefer to bring my own futon/bedding set instead of renting them…
→It is mandatory for all residences of the International House/ Dormitory to pay for the futon/bedding set rental fee (5,000 yen for 6 months).

※The futon/bedding set includes a mattress, a comforter, a blanket, sheets, a pillow and a pillow case.

Part-time Job

(1)I am thinking about getting a part-time job. What kind procedures do I need to follow?
→In order to get a part-time job, all international students are required to get a part-time work permit from the immigration office.

Residence Status / Period of Stay

(1) My residence status will be expired within days. How can I extend the period?
(2)My residence status will remain valid after my graduation (or withdrawal) from Kyushu University. Can I stay in Japan until the period expired?
→If you don’t return to your country within 3 months from the date of graduation (or withdrawal) from Kyushu University, you may face deportation.
Please return to your country immediately unless there are special circumstances.


(1) I want to invite my family to Japan.
(2) My family will come to Japan with a short-term visa for visiting relatives. Can Support Center be a guarantor for this?
→Support Center cannot be a guarantor. Please ask your supervisor.
(3)My baby was born. Please tell me the necessary procedure.

Medical care

(1)I got injured in Japan and need surgery. My doctor told me to get someone’s signature on “surgical consent form” and I wonder who I should ask.
→Support Center cannot sign any consent forms. Please ask your supervisor.