International Residence (Kashiihama Area)


*Some buildings in International Residence (Kashiihama Area) doesn’t have elevators.

Application Outline

*There are limits to the rooms, so you may not be allotted the room you wish, depending on the situation for vacancies. Single rooms (Building I) are especially very limited. When the applications exceed the vacancies, applicants will be subject to screening based on the university’s criteria. It depends on the number of applicants and your status at Kyushu University, your request for type of the room. Not all the dormitory applications can be approved. 
*We make best efforts for the cleaning and repair of all the rooms. However International Students House (Kashiihama Area) has limitations for them, since it is almost 30 years old. In addition, there are the differences of the room size, even though the monthly rent is the same. Changing rooms is not accepted.


Information on this page is for international students. For international researchers, please contact Support Center on each campus.