To International Student House (Ijiri)

Fukuoka Airport

▽Arrival lobby

▽Go to the Subway station

▽Go to the outside
of the Bldg


▽You’ ll see the View when you go

▽Taxi stand
▽Subway station

Fukuoka Airport St. (Subway)

of the Subway station  

▽ticket machines

▽Ticket gates
▽Go to the gate for the subway bound for
‘Hakata, Tenjin,Meinohama, Karatsu’.

▽Take the subway bound for ‘Meinohama’ or ‘Karatsu’.

Tenjin St. (Subway) – Transfer to the Nishitetsu Train.

Tenjin St. (Nishitetsu)

Ijiri St. (Nishitetsu Train)

▽Get off at ‘Ijiri’ St.
▽Station Exit
▽Ijiri St.

▽Cross the railway

International Student House (Ijiri)