International Party Preparation Volunteers wanted
International Party 運営ボランティア募集

 We will recruit preparation volunteers of International Party! International Party is a party which will be held on 2nd November to welcome International students who will come to Kyushu University in this autumn. Many participants (freshman, registered students, university staffs and professors) will come and enjoy interaction (Approximately 300 participants last year).

 Preparation volunteers will organize the party to welcome international students and help them to deepen the relationships with Japanese students. Since we are recruiting both Japanese and international students, working together will be a great opportunity for you to have international exchanges. Everyone even who are not good at Japanese or English is welcomed! We will drive a project using both English and Japanese so that everyone can understand. Why don’t you contribute to memorable experiences and building the relationships between Japanese and international students?

 We would like you to attend the first meeting on 10th August and once-a-week meeting from the middle of September as possible as you can. If the number of applicants have reached the limit (approximately 10 people), we may cease the acceptant.

You can apply from following URL. (Deadline:4th August)

 Student Committee for Internationalization of Kyushu Univeristy(SCIKyu)

(Below is Japanese translation)
 11月2日(木)に行われる「International Party」の運営ボランティアを募集します!International Partyとは、秋に九州大学にやってくる留学生を歓迎する催しです。新入留学生だけでなく、在籍の留学生、日本人学生、教員、大学職員のみなさんが参加されます。昨年度の参加者は約300名で、非常に多くの方々にご来場いただきました。