Library Workshop Apr. 2018: How to Search for Academic Papers

Kyushu University Library holds a seminar for new International students to learn how to search for academic documents.

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The seminar is targeted at novice researcher and given in English by a librarian.

 Learn how to search for academic papers using the following databases.

  ”Collections” —- Search for Kyushu University Library holdings
  ”Web of Science” / “Scopus” / “Google Scholar” —- Search for Journal articles
  ”World Contents” —- Search for all academic contents

 Please bring your own laptop to the seminar because we will do a lot of hands-on training.

【Schedule & Venue】
 The seminar is held in Ito and Hakozaki on the following dates.

 [Ito Campus]
 - Apr. 25th, Wednesday, from 14:50
 Active Learning Space, New Central Library 4F

 [Hakozaki Campus]
 - Apr. 13th, Friday, from 14:50
 Internet Salon, Central Library 2F
 Capacity: 40 participants per session

 Reservation is required. Apply from the following form.

【Contact Information】
 eResources Support Section, Office for eResource Services, Kyushu University
 TEL: 092-642-2336