International Exchange Event will be held!!

 留学生と日本人学生のための交流イベント“ITO International Exchange Party vol. 6 ”を下記のとおり実施します。イベントでは、日本人学生と留学生の混合グループを作り、日本語や英語(シンプルな英語で大丈夫です)でコミュニケーションをとりながら、ゲームやトークを行います。世界中に友達の輪を広げてみませんか? お一人での参加でもヘルプの学生さんがついているので大丈夫!お友達と一緒に参加も大歓迎です!!
 ITO International Exchange Party vol. 6 will be held on the following day. This event will provide an opportunity for Japanese students and international students to get to know each other and build friendships. There will be a couple of games and talks by using both English and Japanese in groups of Japanese students and international students mixed. Even though you will join this event alone, no worries, you will play games in a group! If you would like to join with your friends, it will be absolutely welcomed!!

日時:平成30年6月15日(金) 6:00PM(受付開始)、6:30PM(ゲーム開始)
Date & Time: Friday, June 15, 6:00PM (Reception Starts), 6:30PM (Game Starts)

会場:伊都キャンパス ドミトリー1 多目的ホール(1階)
Place: Multi-Purpose Hall, Ito Dormitory 1

Language: English, Japanese

定員: 日本人学生15名、留学生15名(定員を超えた場合は抽選)
Participants Wanted: 15 Japanese Students, 15 International Students
*If we have more than 30 applicants, we will select participants by lot.*

Deadline: Tuesday, June 12, Noon

How to apply: Please e-mail to with ①your name, ②faculty/program name, and ③your student ID No.

〔問合せ先〕:国際部留学課短期受入係 Tel:092-802-2291
〔Contact〕:International Student Exchange Division Tel:092-802-2291