Hult Prize @ Kyushu University

*This is not a Kyushu University organized program

Hult Prize @ Kyushu University application form is now open ,and we are going to hold information session about Hult Prize.

【About Information Session】
Date & Time: Nov. 9th(Fri)4:40PM~ + Welcome Party with special guests
Location: Ito Campus Center Zone2, Room2305

【What is Hult Prize】
Hult Prize is the world largest contest of social business for those who have ideas to solve the world’s pressing issues. Hult Prize is offered in partnership with the United Nations and EF(Education First). The winner of Hult Prize will be invested $1M.

【How do you compete in Hult Prize】
First, you will make a team composed of 3 or 4 Kyushu University students. All Kyushu University students, including undergraduate, graduate, PhD, Japanese, and international students etc., can participate in Hult Prize @ Kyushu University OnCampus Program.

You will pitch your business idea in ENGLISH within 6 min. and answer to the question from judges within 4 min. on OnCampus Program which will be held in December 16th at Kyushu University.
The idea must be based on a annual theme that is announced by US former president Bill Clinton. A winning team will advance to Regional Program which will be held at 15 overseas area.

【This year’s challenge】
“For us By us, Youth Unemployment”
You can download the document about challenge:

【About Hult Prize @ Kyushu University OnCampus Program】
Date: December 16th (Sunday)
Time: 10:00AM~
Place: Ito Campus East Zone2
Language: English

【How to apply 1 】
 ①Make 3 or 4 Kyushu University students’ team
 ②Team leader send the e-mail with each member’s name, grade, faculty, e-mail address, and phone number to (Campus Director: Takuma Furukawa)
 ③We send you details and explain about Hult Prize
*If you come to our infomation session, you don’t have to send us email. You can submit a application form which we will distribute at the info session.

 If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.
 (Takuma Furukawa, Campus Director of Hult Prize @ Kyushu University)

 We are waiting for your participation. Thank you.