Survey regarding to moving in the Iki Danchi the Prefectural run public housing






Kyushu University and Fukuoka Prefectural Government is discussing the effective use of Iki Danchi run by Fukuoka Prefectural public housing. The Iki Danchi which has already stopped accepting outside application is under re-constructing, and it will take a few years. So they would like to lend some of the room to Kyushu University international students who have difficulties in finding places to live or have financial burden.
So, we decided to use the survey to ask the need for moving in Iki Danchi.
Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey from the following URL.
※Please note that you cannot always move in the Iki Danchi even if you answer this survey.

Please find the attached file about details of Iki Danchi (Japanese・English).
In addition, when you move in, the contract is different from the usual Danchi’s ones. Kyushu University will select the applicants and send the application. This procedure is not same as general procedure for application of Danchi. Also, please note that the rent will not be discounted because they do not have reduction or exemption of rent.

Please feel free to ask us through the following email address if you have anything unclear.

〔International Student Exchange Division〕

Thank you for your cooperation.