Welcome to Fukuoka! “HANAMI” Sponsored by Heartfulnet Fukuoka/
国際交流イベント ~花見~ 主催:ハートフルネット福岡

*This is not a Kyushu University organised program

Details followed by English.


日時:平成31年3月31日(日) 11:00開始
場所:中央区 舞鶴公園 西広場

This is an international exchange event sponsored by NPO(Nonprofit organization), Heartfulnet Fukuoka. This time, we will enjoy Japanese traditional custom of enjoying the cherry blossoms, “Hanami” with foods, drinks and music… Spring is the season to make new friendship in japan. No matter what language you speak, No matter how old you are, No matter who you are, all you can join this event!! We will prepare the place, foods and drinks and you can bring your instruments to enjoy music or bring something to play your favorite game. Show us how to enjoy a party in your country! If you are interested in this event, please apply for this event via…
phone: 080-8376-7972 (Chairman, Saeki ※Japanese only)
or E-mail: (Both Japanese/English)
You will receive an information and survey about the event after sending email.

Let’s get together, make new friends and have a greatest time!!
We are looking forward to seeing you:)

Sponsored by Heartfulnet Fukuoka
Welcome to Fukuoka! -2019 Spring-
Date: Sunday, March 31st, from 11am
※if it rains, it will be postponed until the next Saturday
Site: Maizuru Park (Nishi Park)
Fee: 1,000yen (including foods and drinks)
Deadline: March 24th