10部屋限定 入居者募集 県営壱岐団地
Only 10 Rooms, For Rent; Iki Danchi the Prefectural Run Public Housing

 10部屋限定 入居者募集 県営壱岐団地(満室になり次第締め切ります)※4月から入居開始
 Only 10 Rooms, For Rent; Iki Danchi the Prefectural Run Public Housing: (We will stop accepting applications once all the rooms are taken.) *You can move into this April.


① 氏名
② 学籍番号
③ 入居人数 一人で住まない方は、詳しく書いてください。

As we informed before, tenants recruiting for Iki Danchi (the Prefectural Run Public Housing) will start this month. Therefore, if you want to apply for this, please send your information as below by email to International Student Exchange Division (Email:
* Aplication will be closed as soon as rooms are filled to capacity.
① Your Name
② Your Student ID Number
③ How many people will you live with? If you are not living alone, please tell us the detail.
*You can share the room with your friends (International Students of Kyushu University only, the maximum people are up to 3 persons).

After Kyushu Univ. decides the successful candidates, Kyushu Univ. will notify them the procedures they need to complete. Depends on the circumstances, we may set up an interview.
*You can move into the Iki Danchi in April.

Upon application, a written oath must be presented. Please understand the following rules and conditions.
Rules and Conditions:
① 壱岐団地の入居期間は1年間とする。This contract period is one year.
② 九州大学に在学中に限り、居住に支障がない場合に1年毎の更新を認める。
To renew a lease agreement, you must be Kyushu University student and meet our criteria as a good resident.
③ 犬猫等のペットの飼育は厳禁とする。Strictly NO pets allowed
④ 共益費(1,000円/月)は、団地自治会規則に従い、指定された期日までに支払うこと。
Under the residents’ association rules, you must pay common-area charge (1,000yen/Month) by its designated date.
⑤ 駐車場利用に際しては、正規の利用料金(4,000円/月)を指定された期日までに支払うこと。
Regarding the parking fee, you must pay (4,000yen/Month) monthly by its designated date.
⑥ 団地の自治会活動及び地域住民との交流事業等に積極的に参加すること。
You must actively participate in the residents’ association and local community.
e.g. Garbage duty, Cleaning and Mowing and attending community festival, etc.

In addition, the contract is different from the regular contract of Danchi. As Kyushu University selects the tenants, the procedure is not same as the general application procedure of Danchi. Also, please note that the rent will not be discounted according to your income.
Please feel free to ask us through the email if you have anything unclear.
We are looking forward to your application.


Please feel free to ask us through the following email address if you have anything unclear.
〔International Student Exchange Division〕