九州・山口の祭り 熊本に集結
A Smorgasbord of the Kyushu and Yamaguchi area’s best festivals and cuisine, all together in Kumamoto City !

“Experience all of Kyushu and Yamaguchi’s best festivals in Kumamoto!”
About 40 festivals from nine prefectures in the Kyushu and Yamaguchi regions, all in one place!
The extravaganza includes the “Big Five” festivals that have been inscribed on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, such as the Hakata Gion Yamakasa and Yatsushiro Myoken Festival.
The event also showcases the areas’ best foods, local specialties and tourist attractions!
Please Come and join in!
Moreover, we will have 57 festivals around Kyushu and Okinawa from the 20th of September to the 3rd of November.
Please visit them and experience Japanese culture!

◆期間 / Period:
 2019年9月28日(土)、29日(日)/ September 28(Sat)-29(Sun), 2019

◆場所 / Venue:
 熊本市中心部 / Downtown Kumamoto City
 [メイン会場 / Main venue] シンボルプロムナード / Symbol Promenade
 [サブ会場 / Sub-venues ] 熊本城 城彩苑、下通 新天街・二番街 /
              Kumamoto Castle; Shimotori Shintengai; 2-bangai
 [山車展示 / Float exhibision] サンロード 新市街 / Sunroad Shinshigai

◆詳細 / Details: