「臨時福祉年金」及び「子育て世帯臨時特例給付金」について/Temporary Welfare Benefit and Temporary Special Benefit for Households with Children

Low-income households and households with children may be eligible for the Temporary Welfare Benefit or Temporary Special Benefit for Households with Children designated to alleviate the effects on the consumption tax hike because the consumption tax was raised from 5% to 8% on April 1, 2014.

Application form like the sample below is sent to households which may be eligible for this Benefits.

If you receive the application form by post and want to be paid for the Benefits, please refer to the samples and go through the procedures for it.

For more information, please visit each city’s website.

【福岡市/Fukuoka City】
 HP: (*Japanese only)
 ★Guide to the Benefits (*English only)
 ★SAMPLE:Japanese / English / Chinese / Korean

【糸島市/Itoshima City】
 HP: (*Japanese only)

【春日市/Itoshima City】
 HP: (*Japanese only)
 ★SAMPLE (*Japanese only):Japanese

【大野城市/Onojo City】
 HP: (*Japanese only)
 ★SAMPLE (*Japanese only):Japanese