2020.06.19 【お知らせ】2020年度前期「退寮者向けアパート説明相談会」について
[Update!] Apartment Orientation for Students Moving Off-Campus: 2nd Semester, 2020
2020.06.09 [IMPORTANT UPDATE] Japan`s 100,000 Yen Stimulus Check (Special Cash Payments) Distribution
2020.05.07 [Notice: Fukuoka Prefecture] Fukuoka State of Emergency Extended 【福岡県:お知らせ】緊急事態宣言の延長に伴う措置について
2020.04.24 【福岡市】新型コロナウイルスにより困っている在住外国人の相談窓口のご案内
[Fukuoka City] Support for Foreign Residents Effected by the New Coronavirus
2020.04.24 [IMPORTANT NOTICE] Stimulus Check: Japan-Wide Distribution 
2020.04.16 [Application Deadlines Extended:
Applications for “Extension Period of Stay” and “Change of Residency Status”]
[申請受付期間の 延長:出国準備期間からの在留資格変更許 可申請及び在留期間更新許可申請等]
2020.04.10 [Updates on Campus Facility (Business) Hours]
[[[Last Updated 4/14]]]
2020.04.08 [Message from the President of Kyushu University following the Declaration of State of Emergency for Fukuoka Prefecture]
[[[Last Updated 4/13]]]
2020.04.03 [Public Announcement from the Governor of Fukuoka in Response to the New Coronavirus]
2020.03.27 [2020年春季入学留学生向け] 新型コロナウイルスの影響に関するお知らせ
[Spring 2020 Prospective International Students]
Information Regarding the Effects of the New Coronavirus
2020.03.27 [九州大学からの重要なお知らせ/MUST READ From Kyushu University]
Notice of Spring Semester Commencement Date and Dormitory Entry Dates
2020.03.19 [九州大学からの重要なお知らせ/MUST READ From Kyushu University]
Request to Postpone Arrival March (March 19th – March 31st)
2020.01.24 ホームステイプログラム
Overnight Homestay Program
2020.01.09 Changes to Kyushu University’s Housing Guarantor System for Apartments
2020.01.06 Cultural Exchange Japanese New Year Event!/Q-Mate新年会
2019.12.18 【January 20, Monday】Special Symposium:Voice of Hibakusha, Atomic Bomb Survivor/被爆体験講話を開催します
2019.11.13 ホームビジットプログラム
Overnight Home Visit Program
2019.11.12 留学生と日本人学生の交流イベントを実施!!/Cultural Exchange Party for International/Japanese Students Coming Soon!!
2019.11.08 九州大学国際交流会館(井尻)のサポーター募集/WANTED “SUPPORTER” in Ijiri International House
2019.10.25 [Free of charge]”Kusakari Stamp Rally + Snack & Chill” alert on November 11th!!
[参加無料] (11月11日)“草刈りスタンプラリー+スナック & チル”