To Whom It May Concern

Thank you for your past support and cooperation with The Kyushu University Asia Center.
The Center was established in July 2005 to capture the dynamics and complexities of contemporary Asia by promoting research to help create effective policy recommendations. We regret to inform you that its 5-year term came to the end in June 2010.
We have focused our research on policy recommendations through collaborative research with scholars from Asian countries. Among our major achievements are:
1. Research on popular culture, industrial cooperation, aging, environmental issues, food safety and bioethics by organizing international symposiums between Japan, China, and Korea,
2. Research on transnational migration of care workers with a focus on the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) Japan has with the Philippines and Indonesia,
3. The cultural exchange between Asian writers ‘Soaked In Asia’ (SIA)
4. Organizing Kyushu/China Business Study Group meetings and lecture series on understanding Asia
Although the on-line newsletter will end along with the Asia Center’s operations, information regarding Asia and this center after July 1, 2010 will be available through this university’s International Affairs Department webpage (
We greatly appreciate your kind support and cooperation with our center. I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to everyone who has participated in the center’s activities.

Director and Professor Shun Ohno
Kyushu University Asia Center

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