Kyushu University campus region

The map shows the locations of public facilities, daily living facilities, cultural and sports facilities and religious facilities around the Kyushu University campuses.

Notice to Map users


  1. Maps and other information provided through this system do not indicate ownership, boundaries or other legal information concerning buildings, land, etc. There may be errors or omissions in labels, positions, scopes, or shapes provided, and changes in map scale will cause errors in displayed position and other points.
  2. Due to the large volume of data managed by the system, it may take time to redraw the display, and displays may be halted if accesses exceed system capacity at peak times. In that case please try again after some time has passed.
  3. Kyushu University can accept no liability for any loss or damage directly or indirectly incurred through the use of this system.
  4. This system requires the latest version of Adobe Flash Player, which can be downloaded here.

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