Kyushu University campus region

The map shows the locations of public facilities, daily living facilities, cultural and sports facilities and religious facilities around the Kyushu University campuses.

How to use the screen controls

How to use the screen controls

  • Number ①〜⑧ shown on the above map have the following functions.
  • ① Select the area to search within.
  • ② Select the category to search for.
    • Example: Click “Hospital and clinic”
    • ・Select the name of a hospital and the corresponding icon will flash.
    • ・Move the mouse on the flashing icon to display the hospital name.
  • ③ Jump to the site where you can locate Medical institutions consulting in foreign languages.
  • ④ Check the meaning of a symbol.
  • ⑤ You can display the wide-area map. Press ESC to return to the regular display.
  • ⑥ The size of the map display can be changed.
  • ⑦ Move in the direction of the arrow.
  • ⑧ Open the print preview display.

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List of symbols

(1)Symbols used throughout the map

Government office Government office Police station/box Police station Fire station Fire station 学校 Schools
Post office Post office Police box Police box Shrine Shrine Hospital/clinic Hospital/clinic
Public health center Public health center Convenience store Convenience store Temple Temple Church Church
Mosque Mosque Bank Bank Kindergarten Kindergarten Nursery school Nursery school

(2)Medical departments at hospitals and clinics

Int Internal medicine Ort Orthopedic surgery
Sur Surgery Rhe Rheumatism
Nep Nephrology Reh Rehabilitation
Gas Gastroenterology Opt Opthamology
Pro Proctology All Allergy
Res Respirology Bro Bronchoesophagology
Car Cardiology Oto Otorhinolaryngology
Rad Radiology Der Dermatology
Ane Anesthesiology Pla Plastic and reconstructive surgery
Psym Psychosomatic medicine Uro Urology
Neu Neurology Ven Venereology
Neus Neurosurgery Den Dentistry
Psy Psychiatry Pedd Pediatric dentistry
Ped Pediatrics Ora Oral surgery
Obs Obstetrics Ortd Orthopedic dentistry
Gyn Gynecology Aes Aesthetic dentistry
Obsg Obstetrics and gynecology Imp Implant

(3)Universities, high schools, middle schools, elementary schools, kindergartens and nursery schools

H.S. High school Jr.High Middle school
E.S. Elementary school K. Kindergarten
N.S. Nursery school

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Screen operation

Search through areas near Kyushu University!

The map allows you to check the locations of hospitals, banks, police stations, schools, civic centers, disaster evacuation sites, supermarkets, hotels, churches and more, relative to your position, centered around Kyushu University campuses.