KyushuUniversity “Lifelong E-mail Account” Service

KyushuUniversitybegan “Lifelong E-mail Account” Service to provide permanent E-mail Accounts on October 31st, 2005.

<< Services >>

 -Providing “Lifelong E-mail Account” (

 -Sending E-mail Magazines about…

 New campus information,

 Academic research activities,

 Extension lectures and training lectures for useful for your current business,

 Invitation to a meeting of KyushuUniversity alumni association, etc


<< Beneficiary >>

 All KyushuUniversity graduates

<< How to Apply >>

 Please go to (Japanese Version Only)and fill in the following
  items in an  application form.


 - Name at the time you graduated from KyushuUniversity

 - (Student ID No.)

 - Degree and Major obtained from KyushuUniversity

 - Date of birth

 - E-mail Address

 - Re-type E-mail Address

Contact: Kyushu University Lifelong E-mail Account Service