【実施報告】6/19(月)開催 留学の先輩に聞かNight






オープニング・自己紹介の様子 Opening and self-introduction

座談会の様子 Roundtable

【Report】Study Abroad Event on Monday, June 19, 2023
The Study Abroad Division of Kyushu University held a study abroad information dissemination event, planned by peer advisors for study abroad, for students interested in studying abroad on Monday, June 19, 2023, during 5th period in Room 2303, Building 2, Ito Regional Center.

After opening remarks and self-introductions by six speakers with study abroad experience, the first part of the event began with an overview of study abroad, including basic information on short-term and long-term study abroad and its benefits.

The first half of the second part of the roundtable discussion was conducted separately for each faculty. The speakers were able to give advice on the necessary procedures for studying abroad at their respective faculties, and what they should pay attention to when taking classes at Kyushu University. The second half of the program was divided by country/region. Participants gathered in the countries they were interested in, with Northern Europe being particularly popular. During the roundtable discussion, participants actively asked questions, and it was a good opportunity to deliver the real voices of those who have studied abroad.

29 students attended the event, many of whom were first-year undergraduates. In the survey, all of them responded that the event was "very good/good" and that they were glad to have the opportunity to hear separate talks by department and study abroad destination, to have personalized consultations, and to hear real stories about studying abroad. What is studying abroad really like?" This was a fulfilling event, as we were able to give more concrete answers to the vague question, "What is it really like to study abroad?

Now that the effects of COVID-19 have subsided, opportunities to study abroad are increasing. We will continue to plan attractive events so that more students will want to go study abroad once they enter Kyushu University.