University Summit in Kyushu 2007

Kyushu University will host the "University Summit in Kyushu 2007" on 27th-28th October in Fukuoka, Japan. Kyushu University convened the first "University Summit in Kyushu" in May 2000 for the purpose of discussing current challenges facing university management, as well as research and educational activities in a global context with senior executives from leading higher education institutions.

The University Summit in Kyushu is a part of an extensive program of events culminating in Kyushu Universit's centennial anniversary in 2011. The Conference of Asian University Presidents, which was inaugurated by Kyushu University in December 2000, offers a forum for Asian university executives. Through these two forums, Kyushu University is deepening our contribution to international higher education and international society.

The University Summit 2007 in Kyushu will be conducted under the theme of "Integrating Global Universities and Local Communities in the 21st Century". Three thematic sessions are planned, which will discuss the challenges of successfully integrating a Twenty First Century university into its local community.


Integrating Global Universities and Local Communities in the 21st Century


JAL Resort Sea Hawk Hotel Fukuoka
(2-2-3 Jigyohama, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka 810-8650, Japan)

Thematic Sessions

Three thematic sessions will be held. In each of the sessions, several speakers will be invited from the participating universities to initiate discussion.

1. The "Science City" of the Future & the Environment
In this session, the future prospects and problems of a "Science City" centered on a university will be discussed. Key issues to be addressed will include environment-friendly energy and technology and environmental preservation. An excursion to Kyushu University's new campus in the Ito area will be included.

2. The University as a Resource for Prosperous Local Communities
In this session, the contribution of universities to society will be discussed. In particular, focus will be put on ensuring how universities can function as a valuable resource for enriching local communities. In this regard, the research and education activities of a university may bring a wealth which can be used to satisfy various human needs. A city may thus be proud of its university and receive a benefit from it in a number of different ways. Several good practices will be introduced by presenters including Kyushu University's contribution to the local community in respect of agricultural activities.

3. The University's Role in Health Sciences
This session will focus on a university's role in public health. Several topics will be prepared, including the university's contribution to local medical care, collaboration of universities and pharmaceutical companies in medical treatments, and development of new medicines.

4. Abstract

Participating Universities


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